Aaron Cruz - The Awesome Mitten

Cheers everyone! My name is Aaron, but most people call me by my last name Cruz. I currently live in the Ann Arbor area, having spent most of my life before that in Michigan and the Detroit area. By day I’m a web developer having a full-time gig, also doing freelance. By evening, early morning, weekend and every other minute I can squeeze in I’m a traveler, writer, photographer, professional coffee drinker and road trip lover. I also have a thing for shorelines and hanging around water which makes The Mitten the perfect place to live. At any given time you’ll bound to see me in a random beach town along Lake Michigan, hanging along the Huron River in Ann Arbor or just going on that random early morning drive to discover something new. I look forward to sharing with everyone what I discover on the Michigan open road. You can find me on Twitter (@elatlboy) and Facebook and also on my personal travel blog.