Late Summer Road Trip: US-12 Heritage Trail

US-12 Heritage Trail, Michigan Avenue Road Trip - The Awesome Mitten

Last year I ended the summer in style. I completed an amazing road trip along the US-12 Heritage Trail between New Buffalo and Coldwater. Having such a good time and with another summer winding down, I decided to hit up the same trail again. It was time to roll down the windows and road trip […]

20th Anniversary Of The Michigan Beer Festival

If Thursday isn’t the only day of the week you feel thirsty, you’re in luck. The Michigan Brewers Guild has your back and they’ve got a nice, cold brew for you too. Historic Depot Town provides the quaint and charming location for the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival. This year, it takes place July […]

Michigan Musician Stef Chura Plays The Mitten

Michigan Musician Stef Chura plays the Mitten - The Awesome Miten

Alpena native Stef Chura just got off of a West Coast tour, stopped at SXSW and played a show as part of the Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, Michigan. Now, she’s preparing for a solo set at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids on Saturday, April 22. The 28-year-old Detroit indie rocker spoke about […]

10 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Michiganders

10 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Michiganders - The Awesome Mitten

Near the end of last year, the 2017 class of award-winning musicians was announced for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Although none of this year’s listed artists hail from Michigan, and we do appreciate the nice, yet perplexing reference to “South Detroit” in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” there are plenty of musicians lucky enough to […]

10 Michigan Coffee Shops Worth Trying

Michigan Coffee Shops - The Awesome Mitten

It’s important to consider what makes for a good cup of coffee, but more than that, it’s important to consider the coffee shops that make the best coffee. I believe it all starts with the coffee being fresh and made right when you order it. The coffee beans used should be recently roasted and grounded, […]

A Parade Of Patios: The Best Outdoor Bar Spots In Michigan

Michiganders know how to make the most of each of the four seasons, and in the summer that often means a lot of time outside. Thanks to the Great Lakes and a thriving craft brewing industry, this usually involves a trip to the beach with a beer in hand. We do eventually have to return to work and […]

Music to Your Ears: Michigan Summer Festival Roundup

It’s summertime in Michigan, and for most that means you can find us at the beach, by the lake, or enjoying a nice cold one on a patio. Summer can sound like a nice breeze in windchimes by the sparkling blue lakefront, the revving of engines at the Detroit Grand Prix, or the laughter of youngsters […]

DIYpsi: Support local artists December 12-13

Have you ever interacted with a person who made you feel overwhelmingly proud to be part of something? After I had the chance to ask a few questions of Marcy Davy, that’s how I felt about being an Ypsi community member and an entrepreneur.  Marcy is a co-founder and co-organizer of the five-year-strong DIYpsi Indie […]

“Cultivate” Change: Coffee for a Cause in Ypsilanti

Cultivate Coffee - Ypsilanti #mittenTrip - The Awesome Mitten

Legend has it that coffee was discovered first by goats when a goat herder named Kaldi noticed that his flock was acting a bit ramped up after eating the berries from what is now known as the coffee shrub. Out of curiosity, Kaldi tried some of the red berries and had a similar reaction, must […]

Depot Town: New and Old Thrive in Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti #MittenTrip - Depot Town - The Awesome Mitten

There is something about history that can awaken a person’s imagination and curiosity; it is what inspires archeologists to dig, Civil War reenactors to reenact, and helps the costume designers from period dramas win the Oscar year after year. While today Ypsilanti’s Depot Town is home to many of the area’s best bars, restaurants, and […]

Ypsilanti: A #MittenTrip Through the Past and Present

Geography is not my strong suit. I can point on my hand to the general vicinity of a few major cities throughout our great state (Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Mackinaw City), but everywhere else is guesswork. This may be part of the reason Ypsilanti had never been a destination for me, but an occasional landing […]

#MittenTrip Round Two: Fall Michigan Roadtrip

Pictured Rocks - The Awesome Mitten

The Awesome Mitten is very proud and excited to present our second #MittenTrip campaign! Starting on October 2nd, we will be exploring six cities in Michigan throughout the month of October and into November: Munising (October 2nd-4th) Alpena (October 9th-11th) Harbor Springs (October 16th-18th) Ludington (October 23rd-25th) Kalamazoo (October 30- November 1st) Ypsilanti (November 6th-8th) […]

Experience First Fridays Ypsilanti

First Fridays Ypsi Michigan

Have you been to Ypsilanti lately? I’ve lived either in, or near Ypsi my entire life. Like most cities, Ypsi’s had its ups and downs. Having spent several evenings and weekends around town this spring, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Ypsi’s thriving; businesses are cropping up, taking root, and becoming main-stays. Of course, a healthy […]

Creating a Mitten Hideaway at The Eyrie


As soon as the door of The Eyrie gently swings open, you are transported to a realm where Michigan is supreme and the love of the state is a truly visceral experience. The small store on the banks of the Huron River is a cultural gift shop that features Michigan artisans & sundries in Ypsilanti’s […]

Community Thrives at Corner Brewery

Corner Brewery

Walking into the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti just outside the town’s historic Depot Town is love at first sight for a craft beer drinker. With mugs hanging from the ceiling, huge booths and tables for gathering, couches for lounging, and tons of space bathed in sunshine from giant windows, it breathes goodness into the life […]

Ask The Expert: Coffee in Michigan

Note: We got a lot of feedback from our readers after we published Seven of the Best Coffee Shops in Michigan last month. So, we’ve brought the subject back and sent Erica Starr, a Michigan coffee expert, on a tour of the mitten to compile her list of recommendations. This is her first installment. A […]

The Great Ypsi-Arbor Cupcake Roundup

The Awesome Mitten - The Great Ypsi-Arbor Cupcake Roundup

There’s no denying that cupcakes are the rising star of the baking world. They’re cute, they’re infinitely variable (without forcing you to commit to an entire cake’s worth of one flavor), and they’ve got built-in portion control — if you can eat just one. I set out on a chilly November afternoon to find the best […]

DIY Street Fair

The Awesome Mitten - DIY Street Fair

Live music, craft beer, and original work presented by local artists make up the essence of the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale. The Fair is a free, 2-day, 3-night event that takes place on Friday, September 14, from 6pm to midnight, Saturday, September 15, from 11am to midnight, and Sunday, September 16, from 11am to 11pm. […]

Arbor Brewing Company

Situated on 114 Washington Street in Ann Arbor is a legendary place: it’s the home of the Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) and the original of their now three locations.  The brewpub – a full-service restaurant that brews and sells its own beers – was Ann Arbor’s first, built up 15 years ago by Matt and […]

Dom’s Bakeries: Ypsilanti

Awesome Mitten-Dom's Bakery

Heading west on I-94, two prominent landmarks indicate that you’ve left Ann Arbor and entered my fair city of Ypsilanti. On your left is Eastern Michigan University, and you can hardly miss our infamous water tower (you know the one!). Less visually striking, but just as welcome is the unmistakable aroma of Dom’s Bakeries’ doughnuts […]

The Sidetrack Bar and Grill

The Awesome Mitten- The Sidetrack Bar and Grill

If you are on the hunt for a delicious meal in a setting that is anything but average, then The Sidetrack Bar and Grill should be your first and only choice. Known for it’s upscale bar menu, extensive beer selection and fun and friendly vibe, The Sidetrack Bar & Grill is the place to go […]

Children’s Garden Day

Hidden Lake Gardens in East Lansing vows to “leave no child inside!” as it prepares for the annual Children’s Garden Day on August 11th.  Beginning at 10:00 a.m., families are invited to tour the 775 acre grounds until 4:00 p.m. and engage in  fun and exciting activities designed to raise awareness and intrigue about the […]

The Shadow Art Fair

Awesome Mitten-Shadow Art Fair

The crux of Mark Maynard’s philosophy as it relates to Ypsilanti’s Shadow Art Fair is not a complicated one: “Art fairs, for the most part, suck. Even the cool ones. We try not to suck as much. That is our mission. Suck less.” And suck less they do. The allure of the annual event that […]

The Color Run

The Awesome Mitten- The Color Run

“Are you ready for the craziest, most colorful 5K of your life?” Michigan is. The Color Run, a unique fun run where participants are sprayed with paint, is set to take off in Ypsilanti on July 22nd and Grand Rapids on August 5th. Thousands of competitors from all ages and athleticism are already signed up for […]

Day 356: Red Rock Barbeque

The Awesome Mitten- Red Rock Facade

The rumblings of new life in the quiet downtown of Ypsilanti have been growing too loud to ignore, Dear Reader. It feels like it’s been years since a little sign appeared in the window at 207 W Michigan Ave., promising the imminent arrival of Ypsi’s very own beer and BBQ brasserie. In actuality it only […]