The Ultimate Upper Peninsula Road Trip Guide

Ultimate Guide to Roadtripping the UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is like no other place on earth. Sandwiched between three of the greatest lakes in the world, it’s filled with peaceful forests, magnificent waterfalls, ancient rock formations, quiet and cozy towns, and miles and miles of shoreline — making it the perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind road trip. Before you get started […]

Island Hopping With Great Lakes Air

When was the last time you took a private flight? Never? Well, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula you can book a seat on a small aircraft and take an incredible ride to one of Michigan’s many islands. Great Lakes Air in St. Ignace has been providing services for almost thirty years. They offer a variety flight […]

10 Michigan Coffee Shops Worth Trying

Michigan Coffee Shops - The Awesome Mitten

It’s important to consider what makes for a good cup of coffee, but more than that, it’s important to consider the coffee shops that make the best coffee. I believe it all starts with the coffee being fresh and made right when you order it. The coffee beans used should be recently roasted and grounded, […]

Michigan Events to Welcome in the Fall this September

September Michigan Events - The Awesome Mitten

Summer is over and the days are beginning to fill with the vivid colors of fall. The school year is starting back up, and football season means your weekends will once again be filled with tailgates and flannels. However, there is no shortage of great events this month! Check out these awesome September Michigan events […]

15 Ways To Make The Most Of A Michigan Summer

Michigan Summer - The Awesome Mitten

While some would argue a lack of salt water could make for a less stupendous summer, others would heartily disagree that Michigan’s Great Lakes are just that: great. I have a lot of love for Michigan, the Great Lakes, and what they have to offer the summer. To truly celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of […]

Road Tripping Just Across The Mackinac Bridge In St. Ignace

Roadtripping Just Across the Mackinac in St. Ignace - The Awesome Mitten

In the summer months, a lot of people make the trek to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island and/or cross the Mackinac Bridge to enjoy some outdoor adventures in the Upper Peninsula. In between those frequented routes sits the quaint town of St. Ignace. The small-town serves as the gateway between Michigan’s two peninsulas positioned just across […]

3 Quirky, Budget-Friendly Michigan Road Trips

South Haven, Michigan - The Awesome Mitten

To the thrifty traveler, the road trip is bread and butter. Cheap, flexible, and limited only by the highway miles you’re willing to put on your car – on a road trip, nothing stands in the way of adventure except the open road. What if you live in Michigan and only have a few days […]

Michigan’s Best Attractions (Question Mark?)

Michigan Roadside Attractions - Awesome Mitten

Michigan wouldn’t be Michigan without some charming, small town attractions. Here is a list of some of the ones I want to visit and some of the best ones I’ve already seen: The World’s Largest Cherry Pie Tin (Traverse City): Where else would this treasure be located other than the Cherry Capital of the World? Situated just […]

Michigan Fireworks for July 4th

Michigan Fireworks for July 4th - Awesome Mitten

Although I haven’t seen many fireworks shows around the United States besides those in Michigan, I think we can all agree that no one lights up the night like Mitten communities.  As the 4th of July approaches and the festivities of summer really get under way, make sure you cross “See Fireworks” off of your bucket […]

Paul Bunyan, The Original Lumberjack

The Awesome Mitten - Paul Bunyan

I have two distinct impressions of Paul Bunyan from my childhood reading: Steven Kellogg’s illustrations – more specifically, Babe the Big Blue Ox’s somewhat dopey anthropomorphized grin – and a scene from another book I had, in which Paul Bunyan’s camp cook greases a griddle by strapping bacon to his feet and skating around its surface. Why? […]

Castle Rock

We have all heard of the legendary giant American logger, Paul Bunyan. If you haven’t, you should have someone fill you in, since Paul is the one who dug Lake Michigan as a drinking hole for his giant ox, Babe. If you feel particularly inclined to pay Paul and Babe homage, as gratitude for such […]