10 Little Known Facts About Michigan Agriculture

As you’re enjoying backyard barbecues this summer, do you consider where the cherries in your cherry pie were grown? Or perhaps where the beef in your burger came from? It’s likely that a large portion of the food stacked on your plate was grown or raised in the great mitten state. Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse […]

Your Quick Guide On How To Prepare A Garden For Spring

A wise friend once told me, “Don’t plant anything until the last full moon of May.” I’m always too eager to wait that long. However, as Michiganders, we know that our plants are in danger of frost [practically] year-round. I’ve created this guide to help you (AND ME) know when to plant various species and […]

Here’s How to Eat Michigan Squash this Fall

The Awesome Mitten - Here's How to Eat Michigan Squash this Fall

Fall has arrived in Michigan in a big way! The trees are showing their colors, the apple orchards are alive in all their glory, and the beautiful fall squash have arrived. I’m sure you all have indulged in something pumpkin and spiced since this beautiful season started, but was that treat made with Michigan’s glorious […]