13 Michigan Chocolates You Need To Try

The Awesome Mitten 13 Cupcakes You Need to Try in MI List was a big hit. We thought we should continue the confectionery crawl onto the holy grail of desserts: chocolate. We’re here to share with you the best places to get your chocolate fix in Michigan. Whether you’ve got allergies to nuts, soy, dairy, wheat, […]

9 Theaters To See A Movie For $6 Or Less

theaters | The Awesome Mitten

Many of us are on a budget but also like supporting local businesses. You’re in luck! Check out the following nine movie theaters that offer tickets to popular movies for less than $6 each. Cedar Street Cinema | Manistique | $5 Matinees Whether you live around Manistique or you’re just visiting, a matinee at the […]

15 September Michigan Events That Aren’t Just Oktoberfest

15 September Michigan Events - The Awesome Mitten

It’s true, there are other events in Michigan during the month of September that are not just Oktoberfest. Before we get into all of those, there are people who might come to find out when they can celebrate. So here are some Oktoberfest celebrations you can attend. Oktoberfest Celebrations across the state Frankenmuth begins the […]

The Coolest Abandoned Places In Michigan

There’s something eerily magnetic about an abandoned place. Questions begging to be asked about what the destination used to be like in its prime, and what led to its current dismal state. Scattered throughout Michigan are creepy and fascinating abandoned places, providing a look into the mitten’s varied past. Most of these destinations are now […]

13 Michigan Cupcakes You Need To Try

Cupcakes might be the next best thing since sliced bread. For starters, who doesn’t love cake? Cake is great. But even better yet, we then had to one-up cake with its adorable counterpart: the cupcake. With so many styles, flavors, and fillings, we set out to find the best tasty places to get cupcakes in […]

13 Michigan Events And Festivals In August

13 Michigan Events And Festivals In August - The Awesome Mitten

Are you looking for some activities to keep you busy in August? Check out this list of events! Lunch in Lavendar – Every Wednesday – Boyne City Every Wednesday throughout the month of August Lavender Hill Farm is giving you the opportunity to enjoy all they have to offer. For just $20 you are provided […]

24 Shops To Celebrate Record Store Day In Michigan

You’ve heard of Christmas in July, but April 22nd is practically the best holiday of the year for music lovers. Record Store Day celebrates the love of vinyl, independent record shops, and vibrant music communities all across the nation. This year claims to be even bigger and better. It’s the 10th anniversary of Record Store […]

Celebrating Michigan’s Birthday With 10 Of Our Favorite Facts

180 years ago, on January 26th, 1837, our beautiful mitten became the 26th addition to the United States. Here at The Awesome Mitten we’re celebrating Michigan’s birthday with our annual bake-off and the newly added Michigan Scavenger Hunt. We’re not the only ones celebrating our favorite state! Our friends over at DTE Energy gathered a list of 180 […]

Michigan’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Michigan’s birthday is almost here again. Our Annual Michigan Birthday Bake Off is underway and people are voting on our Facebook page for their favorite cake! (psst…. you can too. Click here.) Along with our baking competition, we wanted to create a contest that everyone could be a part of! Introducing the Michigan Birthday Scavenger […]

A Road Trip On US-12 Heritage Trail To Celebrate The End Of Summer

US-12 Heritage Trail - The Awesome Mitten

The calendar has finally flipped to September. The days in The Mitten are getting shorter and cooler as the Indian summer has taken over, and the time of year makes me think to myself, we need to take advantage of the warm and sunny weather while we still can. What better way than an end […]

Underrated Places In Grand Rapids

The Awesome Mitten- Underrated Places in Grand Rapids

We all know about the great local spots in Grand Rapids.  What about the hidden gems, the oft-overlooked spots that aren’t as flashy or don’t get as much hype?  Here’s a guide to some of the most underrated spots in GR. Eat: Choo Choo Grill Don’t believe the hype, Stella’s does not have the best […]

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fennville

Fennville is a small farming community off the beaten path in southwest Michigan. This quaint low-key town is often over looked because of it’s proximity the popular tourist city Saugatuck. Only seven miles southeast of Saugatuck, Fennville is close enough to be a day trip but removed enough to feel like you are on a […]

Butterflies in the Mitten: What’s Hiding in Michigan’s Rare Ecosystems?

The Awesome Mitten - Butterflies in the Mitten

We do a lot of talking about what makes Michigan unique: cities, breweries, athletics, music venues, trails, and – of course – the Great Lakes. For all it has to offer, there is still quite a bit that misses the radar completely. When we’re busy bragging about our state, most of us don’t stop to think […]

Step Back in Hospitality History at South Haven’s Victoria Resort

Victoria Resort Bed & Breakfast - #MittenTrip - South Haven - The Awesome Mitten

Taking a road trip in the 1920s– when the Victoria Resort Bed and Breakfast was built– was a different experience than what we have now. For context, think about the fact that there were around 8,000 registered vehicles in 1900, but nearly 23 million by 1930. Vehicles and many roads were new, and the travel […]

5 Things That Surprised Me at the Black Rock Medieval Fest

The Awesome Mitten - Black Rock Medeival Fest

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I attended the Black Rock Medieval Fest, seeing as it was my first time ever going to that kind of a thing. Okay, I kind of knew what to expect. I expected lots of people dressed in big poofy dresses and those old timey, floppy hats. And […]

Exploring Southwest Michigan Wine Country

Exploring Southwest Michigan Wine Country - Awesome Mitten

Many people think you have to go to Napa Valley in California or France’s many wine trails to find spectacular wine country. However, the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail in Southwest Michigan offers ideal land for growing wine. The wind currents coming off of Lake Michigan moderate the climate in the region, creating an ideal […]

Letter from the Editor: Leaving the Terrible Twos Behind

Letter from the Editor June 2014- The Awesome Mitten

Michigangsters, We did it! On June 6th, this publication will turn three. Our second year was full of highs, lows, transitions, and excitement, but we’re toddling along into this next year with full force. I am currently sitting at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, feeling overwhelmed and inspired by the Mackinac Policy Conference. More […]

Brewery of Dreams

On Tuesday, April 15, they just opened their doors. They didn’t Tweet, post a message to Facebook, or call the local news station. They took a hands-off, no fuss approach, opened their doors, and waited. And the people came. For all of you sports movie fans out there, the first thing that popped into my […]

Kalamazoo Valley Museum

The Awesome Mitten - [Kalamazoo Valley Museum]

Kalamazoo Valley Museum has everything you could possibly want in a museum. And by “everything you could possibly want” I mean “a 2,300-year-old mummy with her very own Twitter account.” Because, I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a museum. Started in 1881 as a “collection of […]

Maple’s Sweet Story: Maple Syrup Production in Michigan’s Metroparks

The Awesome Mitten-[Maple's Sweet Story: Maple Syrup Production in Michigan’s Metroparks]

Maple syrup—it’s like the frosting of the breakfast food world. Whether you have a plate filled with pancakes, waffles, sausage, or eggs, you can’t go wrong. Just pour that sweet stuff on top and all will be right with the world. Too often, though, we take simple joys like maple syrup for granted. Where does […]

Cocoa del Sol

When I think Water Street Coffee Joint, I think of a white mug filled with exotic coffee, cozy, chill music, no-sleeve-necessary coffee to-go, and quality taste. The coffee experience seems to indisputably please all; in fact, they are known for their dedication to quality coffee and an atmosphere to complement. So what’s something you don’t […]

Kalamazoo: For the Ale-Hearted

I love beer; I won’t be shy about it. Give me an IPA in all of its hoppy perfection and I’m a happy camper. With all of the new microbrews popping up like daisies in the downtown Kalamazoo area over the past several months, you can understand my excitement. Being a loyal Kalamazoo citizen, I […]

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives? How about Tofu, Tempeh, and Tea?

Living in the Mitten as what I like to call a “pseudo-vegan,” one of my biggest challenges is finding places to go out to eat which will both satisfy my healthy food needs AND be approachable enough that my carnivorous comrades will not run screaming to the nearest Taco Bell. In this round up, I […]

Vernacular Spectacular!

The Awesome Mitten - Vernacular Spectacular!

Michigan has its own language. It took me a while to notice this, and much of it was after people from other states pointed it out to me. Not only do we Michiganders have our own words, but we have our own way of pronouncing words that others use. It is quite ridiculous – and […]

Seven of Michigan’s Best Bookstores

Best Bookstores - The Awesome Mitten

Bookstores are magical places: the way they smell, the endless trove of knowledge and stories available, and the perfectly wonderful sense of relaxation that is immediately felt upon entering. They are for losing yourself in, whiling away countless hours wandering around calming shelves, and leaving satisfied with what you eventually pick out. Paring down a […]