Pack Your Bags, We’re Heading To Summer Camp!

Pack Your Bags, We're Headed To Summer Camp! - The Awesome Mitten

Pack your bags, adolescent shyness, and awkward teen years! Time to make memories; we are heading to summer camp! Michigan is known for being a great outdoor state. Therefore, summer camp is a tradition and highlight for many. Summer camps have grown far beyond the traditional outdoor activities of hiking, kayaking, and singing around the campfire. Now, many include […]

Michigan’s Most Underrated Lighthouses

Michigan is home to many well-known, beautiful and fascinating lighthouses thanks to more than 3,000 miles of shoreline. But if you’re interested in searching beyond the most popular destinations along our Great Lakes, Michigan holds some truly spectacular underrated lighthouses that will take you, sometimes quite literally, off the beaten path! Here are some of our favorite […]

Mama Bear and Her Cubs: The Story of Sleeping Bear

Long ago, a mother bear and her two cubs were living in the forest along the shore where Lake Michigan meets Wisconsin. One night, a raging forest fire broke out, driving the bears to the lakeshore. In order to escape the flames, the mother bear and her two cubs jumped into the lake and headed […]

Stellar Views Near Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

South Manitou Island Lighthouse

If you’ve been to Leelanau County in Northern Michigan and haven’t taken in one of its majestic views, you’re doing it wrong. Do yourself a favor and get to the nearest bluff, overlook, dune, or beach along the crystal blue Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. Before you look west, though, prepare to pinch yourself. 1. Sleeping […]

5 Ways to Push Your Limits in 2016 in Michigan

Now that we’ve started 2016 in Michigan, I’m sure we’re all thinking of what we can do better in the New Year. New hobbies, new goals, new workouts, and new places to see. Personally, I want to continue to push my limits in 2016. I want to take up kite surfing, go on more backpacking […]

Manitou Island Transit

The Awesome Mitten - Manitou Island Transit

My favorite part of our mitten state are the Great Lakes and all the other bodies of water Michigan is blessed with.  Scattered throughout these beautiful lakes are several islands and peninsulas of all shapes and sizes. Two such islands, located just off of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, are the South and North Manitou islands. In […]