Valentine’s Day Guide To Outdoor Winter Dates

Michigan Winter Date Ideas - The Awesome Mitten

As I’m sure you’re all intimately aware, February means that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Many Michiganders are going to be sending flowers, receiving chocolates, and going to movies. I mean, it’s February in Michigan, what else can you do? To keep things interesting, I’m thrilled to tell you that there are dozens […]

Michigan Sports Gift Guide

Michigan Sports Can Holder

“We are the Champions!” Michigan is one of the most adventurous states in the country with such a large variety of sports to enjoy throughout the year. It’s also home to some of the most recognizable sports teams in history, making our pride overwhelming amazing. Sports is one of the many things that comes to […]

Michigan’s Best All-Season Sports

One of the most intriguing aspects of Michigan is the glory of its changing seasons. The irony is that even though the weather changes, the sports do not. A majority of the summer sports can easily be converted into winter sports with just a few adjustments. Read on to discover which are my favorite multi-season […]

At Home At The Homestead


I grew up in Leelanau County.  I drive faster than 22 miles per hour on M-22, pronounce Mackinac correctly, and know where the ‘sleeping bear’ of Sleeping Bear Dunes infamy actually lies.  So when The Awesome Mitten offered me the opportunity to cover a relaxing weekend stay at one of our local resorts, The Homestead, […]