4 New Traverse City Restaurants You Can’t Miss

Known for its microbreweries and rolling vineyards, Traverse City is also becoming one of the best up-and-coming foodie towns in America. Midwest Living magazine and Bon Appetit consider Traverse City among the top five food towns in the country, and Zagat Survey lists it under their top 6 hottest food destinations worth visiting in the […]

Leaving Michigan: 13 Things You Miss Most When You’re Gone

Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always loved the wonderful things about our state—the people, the food, the lakes, the beautiful scenery, and the ability to show strangers where I live on the palm of my hand. But part of me has also taken the simple pleasures our Great Lakes State for granted. Like some Michiganders […]

8 Oakland County Restaurants Where You Can Taste The World

When I get the chance to experience new cultures, I like to take it. I have recently started trying more food from countries all around the world. Listed below are eight restaurants scattered throughout Oakland County that will craft a culinary experience your taste buds won’t soon forget. China and Japan: Yummy House (Commerce Charter Township) Located in front […]

Best Kept Jackson Restaurant Secrets Exposed

For a medium-sized town, Jackson has a lot of restaurants. In fact, it’s been said that Jackson has a very high restaurant per capita ratio. We Jacksonians love to go out to eat! It’s always a hot topic when a new restaurant comes to town.  The new restaurants often remain Jackson’s best kept secrets, rarely shared with […]

Detroit Restaurant Week

Detroit Restaurant Week

Here at the Awesome Mitten, we love Detroit Restaurant Week. We’ve featured the event before (last fall and last spring) and have also featured several of the restaurants that have become crowd favorites on the Detroit Restaurant Week list of participants (including The Whitney, Cliff Bell’s, The Rattlesnake Club, La Dolce Vita, and Roma Cafe). […]

The Ten Most Haunted Places in Michigan: PART TWO

The last time we ran a feature on the Ten Most Haunted Places in Michigan, you guys responded like we had never seen before. The comments were tremendous, and I get the heebie-jeebies reading through them. Now the time has come to publish the sequel to “The Ten Most Haunted Places in Michigan,” and if […]

Georgina’s Taqueria

Before ever stepping foot in Georgina’s Taqueria, I knew how good it was. For weeks, my Twitter feed had been full of Foursquare check-ins and never ending raves about how genuine and superior the food is. I obviously had to check it out. Upon walking inside, I was struck by two very notable things: how […]

Detroit Restaurant Week

It isn’t often that fine dining and affordability are synonymous concepts. However, with the upcoming Detroit Restaurant Week, Metro-Detroiters will be able to experience the exception to that rule. Beginning April 19th, Detroit Restaurant Week, presented by Shinola Detroit, offers patrons the opportunity to experience some of Detroit’s most luxurious restaurants at a nominal price. […]

Grand Rapids for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

If there’s one thing I love more than anything else, it’s a good meal. If there are two things I love, they’re eating a good meal and not doing the dishes after. Fortunately for me, I live in Grand Rapids and there’s no better place to go out to eat than right here. Any time, […]

Not Celebrating Thanksgiving at Home? Mitten Restaurant Round Up

Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurant Roundup - The Awesome Mitten

Thanksgiving is definitely a time to be, well, thankful. It’s a time to be with your family around the dinner table and watching the game. But what if you can’t get home? No worries! You can feel at home no matter where you are in the Mitten.  The Awesome Mitten has compiled a mere sprinkling of places […]

The Ravens Club

If the jury was ever out on whether or not there were awesome restaurants in Ann Arbor, Mich., I’m pretty sure The Ravens Club settled the verdict once and for all with a resounding YES. According to the owners, Chris Pawlicki and Jeff Paquin, The Ravens Club (TRC) is a unique concept in the Michigan […]