Celebrate Michigan Eggs With These Recipes!

Egg Month - The Awesome Mitten

I love eggs. What’s not to love? Michigan eggs contain only 70 calories while also supplying high-quality protein and essential vitamins and antioxidants. And while eggs are delicious on their own, they’re also amazing on top of polenta, hamburgers, pizza and more. I’m not the only egg lover around here — an average U.S. resident […]

Exploring Detroit Murals for a Free Art Show in the Motor City

Exploring Detroit Murals for a Free Art Show in the Motor City - Awesome Mitten

The hardest thing to do when writing about the murals of Detroit is deciding which ones to highlight. There is endless art to be seen in the streets of the city. The resilient nature of this community is perfectly pictured by the splashes of color and design decorating every area from the heart of The […]

Fresh Michigan Fruit in a Frozen Treat

Photo Courtesy of MI Ice Pops - Awesome Mitten

In the spring of 2015, Danielle Welke of Mid Mitten Homemade had an idea to combine fresh, seasonal Michigan produce with juices, sweeteners and herbs to create a unique farm-to-table frozen treat. The results, now available in select places around Mid Michigan, are the delicious MI Ice Pops. Danielle plans to use as much Michigan product […]

Bring on the Strawberries

Michigan endured one of the harshest winters in decades, leaving Michiganders longing for spring! Finally the snow is gone, the birds are chirping, and things are greening up beautifully. With our longing for warmer months, many of us gardeners and home canners are excited to pick our own strawberries, cherries, and more. Strawberries are considered […]

Create Your Canning Calendar

Home canning and food preservation is a year ‘round adventure!  One of the many joys I receive from teaching classes throughout West Michigan is hearing from students, who after one class are happy to share they have caught “the canning bug”!  It is so fulfilling to witness the excitement each person has when they see […]

Plan Your Canning Garden

Spring is right around the corner and nothing has me more excited than the snow melting, the birds chirping, and knowing I will soon be back out in my garden again.  Actually, the anticipation of seeing the plans I laid out during the cold winter months come to life has me most excited for spring! […]