Pretty Awesome Pasties: Wildwood Pasties

We are fortunate to have many pasty shops in Michigan, and especially in the Upper Peninsula! I am even more fortunate to have friends willing to bring me pasties from their U.P. vacations. Today, we review Wildwood Pasties, located in Brevort, 20 miles west of the Bridge on US 2. We also revisit a couple […]

Pretty Awesome Pasties: Calling All Bakers

Pretty Awesome Pasties has been sampling pasties from around the state for over a year now. Last month, we recapped how this blog was born and officially ranked the pasty that inspired this series during a trip up north. While we’ll continue to taste commercially available pasties over the next year (we still have some […]

Celebrating One Year of Pretty Awesome Pasties with “The Pasty That Started it All”

Celebrating One Year of Pretty Awesome Pasties

It’s been a delectably delightful year since the launch of Pretty Awesome Pasties, a regular series here on The Awesome Mitten. Written by your intrepid pasty purveyors Beth Baerman and Julie Rogier, each post in the series has sampled Michigan’s gastronomical treasure: hand-made by pasty makers from Southeast Michigan to the far reaches of the […]

Pretty Awesome Pasties: Cousin Jenny’s Cornish Pasties of Traverse City

A previous installment of Pretty Awesome Pasties asked Awesome Mitten readers to suggest which Michigan pasty maker to rank, using our proprietary Key Pasty Indicator (KPI) system. Awesome Mitten readers certainly know their pasties!  One of the most popular suggestions we received in the comments section was for Northern Michigan’s Lehto’s pasties – which garnered […]

Pretty Awesome Pasties: Hermann’s Bakery

  Thanks for the comments and suggestions in response to our last post, which recapped the pasties we’ve taste-tested so far. We’ll be trying your suggestions for future posts, so keep them coming! Today, we’ll highlight some pasty serendipity—a pasty encounter in an unlikely locale… Royal Oak. Royal Oak, Royal Pasties Royal Oak is known […]