Kalamazoo Bellies Welcome Lush Gourmet Foods

Kalamazoo is happy to welcome a local business, Lush Gourmet Foods! The company’s founder, owner, and creative genius, Bisera Urdarevik, kicked off the company’s first physical location with a house warming and grand opening, inviting friends, business partners, and family into their new home on Portage Road. We’ve always been big fans of the company, we […]

The Green Glove Dryer Makes Holiday Shopping Easy

No matter who you are, exchanging gifts is fun to do.  The Awesome Mitten has made it easy for you by highlighting gifts that we would love to receive ourselves.  These are brainstormed, built, and sold in our beloved state: one such commodity is the awesome Green Glove Dryer! Karen Smoots, a mother of two and […]

Race Across the Mitten: Themed Runs are the BEST Runs

With upcoming holidays approaching, Michigan is packed full of themed races. If there is ever a time to dive into your first race, a themed race is the perfect opportunity. Not only are these races generally on the shorter side (usually around the distance of a 5K), but there isn’t a lot of pressure to […]

The Imaginary City I Never Knew Was Real

Discovering Kalamazoo - The Awesome Mitten

Kalamazoo. Who would’ve thought it’s actually a real place? I’m sure every Michigan native who’s reading this right now thinks I’m crazy/naïve/bad at geography (and at least a couple of those are probably true), but for most of my life, Kalamazoo was always one of those funny words that people used to describe an imaginary […]

Art and Soul Tattoo

The Awesome MItten-Art and Soul Tattoo

A tattoo can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s an artistic representation of some facet of themselves. For others, it’s a way to remember an important person or event. For still others, it’s a way to stick it to the man. Whatever the reason, Art and Soul Tattoo has got your back. […]