A Weekend Up North In The Soo

The thought of dropping 21 feet in a kayak in the matter of minutes sounds daunting. You’d expect to be cascading down rapids, paddling furiously to stay upright as water careens about you, right? Well, this is a different kind of thrill ride—it’s one through the Soo Locks. Instead of traversing currents, you’ll be bobbing […]

Leaving Sault Ste Marie Is Just As Beautiful As Staying

Tahquamenon Falls - #MittenTrip - Sault Ste Marie - The Awesome Mitten

As most Michigan #MittenTrip enthusiasts know, the way to travel is usually by highway. The standard drive from Sault Ste Marie to the base of Whitefish Point is by M-28. My agenda for exploring had this highway down as the one to take us all the adventurous places we wanted to go. However, following a […]

An Unexpected, Romantic #MittenTrip To Sault Ste Marie

Beach by Point Iroquois Lighthouse - #MittenTrip - Sault Ste Marie - The Awesome Mitten

Spend a Day in Sault Ste. Marie To the unseasoned Michigan traveler, Sault Ste Marie may appear to be merely a family vacation spot rather than a romantic getaway. However, like many excursions in this fair state, it has the capacity to be the perfect date excursion for couples who are looking for fun, romance, […]

History And Adventure: What’s “UP” With A #MittenTrip To Sault Ste Marie?

Did you know that it takes freighters 18 hours to travel from the Mackinac Bridge to Marquette? From Sault Ste Marie, freighters can reach Casablanca, Morocco in a little under 14 days. That’s pretty impressive! Founded in 1668, Sault Ste Marie (“The Soo”) is the oldest city in Michigan and third oldest city in America […]