Butterflies in the Mitten: What’s Hiding in Michigan’s Rare Ecosystems?

The Awesome Mitten - Butterflies in the Mitten

We do a lot of talking about what makes Michigan unique: cities, breweries, athletics, music venues, trails, and – of course – the Great Lakes. For all it has to offer, there is still quite a bit that misses the radar completely. When we’re busy bragging about our state, most of us don’t stop to think […]

An Upper Peninsula Road Trip – The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway

An Upper Peninsula Road Trip - The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway - The Awesome Mitten

Looking for an Upper Peninsula road trip option to get away from it all? The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway, M-123 in northern Michigan, offers that– natural beauty, scenic views, history- and a lot more. Beginning in Eckerman and ending in Newberry, both at M-28, unusually u-shaped, 63-mile highway will start in the eastern portions of the […]

Bringing “Up North” to Downtown Detroit

Among us Michiganders outside the Detroit metro, the Motor City doesn’t exactly have a reputation as being an outdoorsy destination, even though its economic resurgence is making it an increasingly popular destination in general. One organization that wants to bring some natural life (take note: taxidermied animals) to Detroit is the Michigan Department of Natural […]

See Through the Eyes of Michigan Artist Gwen Frostic

The Awesome Mitten - Gwen Frostic

Mother Nature just dropped a foot or more of snow, and many of us are probably wondering things like, “Why do I even live in this state?” or “How many days until spring?” Well, I have two words that may help you to both appreciate winter for what it is, and to help you – even […]

Why I Love Walled Lake

When I moved to Michigan, Walled Lake was the first place that really helped me adjust to the “culture shock” of relocating from the east coast. I quickly found myself mesmerized by lake life, and felt comforted by this body of water as though it were welcoming me to a new stage in my life. […]

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

The Awesome Mitten - Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Of all of the different ways to enjoy the natural beauty of West Michigan, my personal favorites are walking and biking.  There are several trails and walks available throughout our state.  The city of Kalamazoo provides its bikers and pedestrians the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail. Visitors can enter the trail from just about anywhere, but […]

White River

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting away from the rush of everyday events while adding a little nature into life. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck. The White River is located approximately nineteen miles north of Muskegon and flows through the southern tip of the Manistee National Forest. A trip down the river is […]