The Awesome Mitten Attends Mo Pop Festival at Detroit Riverfront

Michigan is the Great Lakes State, but we’ve also got a lovely gem of a riverfront in downtown Detroit. The stages were set with the scenic bridge and Canadian coast in the view. Mo Pop Festival celebrates Michigan businesses, and internationally-known musicians. The Awesome Mitten contributor Sarah Spohn attended the festival, which took place the […]

An Ode To The Mitten

An Ode To The Mitten - The Awesome Mitten

¬†We sing praise to the freckled fossils found scattered along shorelines, more commonly called Petoskey Stones. Our toes dip into   the surge of frosty freshwater from the Great Lakes, what were once in a frozen glacial state, now hold the homes of plenty of plants, and special species of fish. Ice cold Oberon in […]

Celebrating the 56th Birthday of Motown at Hitsville U.S.A.

Motown Museum

On West Grand Boulevard, just north of Downtown Detroit, Motown Records was founded by Berry Gordy, Jr. on April 14, 1960. The record company named for the Motor City became the soundtrack not just for a city but for a generation. Hitsville U.S.A is an apt name for the tourist attraction in Detroit that¬†launched such […]

14 of the Best Michigan Museums

Top Michigan Museums - The Awesome Mitten

Feeling a little cabin fever? Get out and learn something! The Mitten State has a museum to suit any interest, ranging from our state’s great history and art to bottle caps and the Frisbee Hall of Fame. There are literally hundreds of museums to explore in Michigan – but these, hand picked by us here […]