Michigan Lighthouses Look Better In Winter

Michigan Lighthouses Look Better In Winter - The Awesome Mitten

Lighthouses: The Mitten is home to well over 100, the most in one state in the nation, which tourists flock to each and every summer. For those found along Lake Michigan, they are part of the touristy, beach and resort town experience. Each one offers the opportunity to catch a beautiful sunset over the water […]

From SOS to SOL – Why Saving Our Lighthouses Matters

Waugoshance Lighthouse

2015 saw a huge push for the restoration and preservation of Michigan’s lighthouses. Once home to as many as 247 lighthouses, Michigan now hosts roughly 130 of these iconic buildings. Early that year, five of these beacons of Michigan history were given away to “qualifying institutions” that Michigan saw fit to revitalize these sad and neglected structures. In […]