Capturing the Essence of Summer with Short’s Nicie

Nicie - The Awesome Mitten

Whether you’re enjoying a day at the lake or you’re watching America’s favorite pastime, every Michigander knows that a Michigan craft beer is the perfect accent to a perfect summer day. For me, that means sipping on a Short’s Brewing Company’s “Nicie” – formerly known as “Nicie Spicie.” Nicie is an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon […]

Hooked on Huron Room

The Huron Room - The Awesome Mitten

Over the past couple of years, Detroit’s restaurants have slowly been making a name in the culinary industry with new restaurants opening one after another. The media has been talking about the city and likening it to a food mecca. While most new eateries are geared toward Downtown, Jacques Driscoll, owner of Green Dot Stables […]

Never Too Much Beer In Marquette

Ore Dock Brewing Company - #MittenTrip - Marquette - The Awesome Mitten

While I wouldn’t consider myself a craft brewery connoisseur, I certainly do enjoy a nice microbrew. As I researched restaurants and places to visit in Marquette for my #MittenTrip, Ore Dock Brewery and Blackrocks Brewery were two that kept popping up. After taking in the simultaneously massive and hauntingly eerie remains of the Lower Harbor […]

Short’s Cast: Michigan Craft Beer for your Ears

Short’s Brewing Company has always been an innovator in the Michigan craft beer game since their inception. From their unique marketing strategy, wacky logos,  and a beer variety unlike any in the world, Short’s is always turning heads. Now they have taken it one step further: welcome to Short’s Cast, a weekly podcast brought to you by the wonderful […]

Finding Fun at Electric Forest & Founders Fest

I almost didn’t make it though June after the extraordinary ride that was Movement, but I travelled across the state for some top notch times and tunes in West Michigan. Death grip on the steering wheel with excitement, I trucked it to Grand Rapids for beer-dom at Founders Fest where I was treated to some soulful jams, delicious brews, […]

Brew Tour: Zoo Brew at the Detroit Zoo

Zoo Brew at Detroit Zoo - The Awesome Mitten

Too many things in life are taken for granted; sometimes you just need to take everything in for what it is. Now a-days, people can’t even make a solid conversation with one another unless it’s through some sort of social media or cell phone. As we grow older, we need to appreciate the little things […]

Brewery of Dreams

On Tuesday, April 15, they just opened their doors. They didn’t Tweet, post a message to Facebook, or call the local news station. They took a hands-off, no fuss approach, opened their doors, and waited. And the people came. For all of you sports movie fans out there, the first thing that popped into my […]

National Beer Day

Photo By Chaz Parks

Beer, that one drink no matter where you adventure, it will find it’s way to you. From five star restaurants to dive bars to 40,000 feet in the air, this fun fuzzy substance is waiting, and it’s been around since, well about ever. At one point it was safer to drink than water because beer […]

Brew Tour: Windmill Pointe Brewing Company

Throughout the state of Michigan, you’ll come across two strong, energetic communities, no matter where you hang your head: bikers and craft beer. From way north, to Marquette, where mountain bikers congregate at Blackrocks Brewery because after any loop around the Noquemanon trail, you’re gonna reward yourself with a porch seat and a quality brew. […]

Kalamazoo: For the Ale-Hearted

I love beer; I won’t be shy about it. Give me an IPA in all of its hoppy perfection and I’m a happy camper. With all of the new microbrews popping up like daisies in the downtown Kalamazoo area over the past several months, you can understand my excitement. Being a loyal Kalamazoo citizen, I […]

Brew Tour: Short’s Brewery

Way north, in a tiny town just outside Traverse City, lies a magical place where only Michigan’s finest beer is brewed. In Bellaire, the beer mecca of Northern Michigan, Short’s Brewing Company has been making huge strides in craft beer for the Mitten State. I had the chance to tour the brewpub, take some photos […]

Brew Tour: U.P. Fall Beer Festival

As a retired Northern Michigan Wildcat, what’s a better excuse to get the ole’ gang back together than beer? Not just any old shwag beer either, Michigan Craft beer, our bread and butter of the glory days. Mini kegs of Oberon at McCarty’s cove, six pack’s of KBC Widow Maker on top of Sugarloaf, and […]

Brew Tour: Craftwerk Brewing Systems

Nestled deep in the city of Lake Orion lies a Michigan-based company that is helping push the envelope in the craft beer world. Craftwerk Brewing Systems is pumping out Michigan-made fermentors, barrel systems, tanks and anything else needed to create a brew system for any micro brewery. I had the lovely opportunity to get a tour […]

Brew Tour: Oberon Opening Day

Bell's Brewery Production Facility - The Awesome Mitten

My first encounter with summer nectar, well craft beer in general, was in high school. I rummaged around my Dad’s beer cooler, looking for a couple beers to snag for a party. As I was rifling through the same old stale red and white cans, something in the back caught my eye. Vibrant yellow rays […]