Celebrate Michigan Eggs With These Recipes!

Egg Month - The Awesome Mitten

I love eggs. What’s not to love? Michigan eggs contain only 70 calories while also supplying high-quality protein and essential vitamins and antioxidants. And while eggs are delicious on their own, they’re also amazing on top of polenta, hamburgers, pizza and more. I’m not the only egg lover around here — an average U.S. resident […]

Banza Continues Detroit History of Innovation

Detroit's Banza chickpea pasta

Innovation, Creativity, Dedication. Detroit business owners have embodied these characteristics for decades. Just like Henry Ford changed the world by bringing affordable transportation to the masses, Brian Rudolph, creator and co-founder of Banza, wants to reinvent pasta and bring healthier pasta to the masses. It might be too early to call Rudolph the Ford of the pasta industry, but Banza’s chickpea […]

The Truly Michigan Flavor Of Superman Ice Cream

Rainbow Ice Cream from the Dairy Store at the Jackson County Fair

Kids across Michigan instantly recognize those fruity swirls of red, yellow and blue you see in cups and cones, and usually also tongues and faces, all summer. But you may be surprised to learn that Superman Ice Cream isn’t well known outside of the Midwest. In fact, Superman Ice Cream is almost an exclusively Michigan flavor. There is some […]

Getting Saucy with Johnny Secreto’s

There’s nothing more awesome than a family-owned business. Except a family-owned, Michigan-based business. Johnny Secreto came to the States from Italy in the early 20th century and has created a legacy that Michigan is excited to be a part of. With an impressive line of sauces and rubs and an admirable community presence, the Awesome […]