Cold Rolled – And the Story Behind The Dragon

There’s a snow bike trail in Marquette, Michigan dubbed the “SBR” (snow bike route), and it’s awesome. It also appears to be the first of its kind in the country, maybe even the world. The trail is featured in a rad film called “Cold Rolled.” The film features not only the trail, but the veteran bikers […]

Brew Tour: U.P. Fall Beer Festival

As a retired Northern Michigan Wildcat, what’s a better excuse to get the ole’ gang back together than beer? Not just any old shwag beer either, Michigan Craft beer, our bread and butter of the glory days. Mini kegs of Oberon at McCarty’s cove, six pack’s of KBC Widow Maker on top of Sugarloaf, and […]

Ashley Welser: Photographer, Crafter, Jill-of-All-Trades

Craft website Teleologie founder and Lewsiton, Michigan native Ashley Welser is not only a student at Northern Michigan University working toward a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography, but an incredibly ambitious and versatile artist with an ever-increasing range of creative skills. Ashley began her artistic journey at a very young age […]

Announcing Upper Peninsula Breweries – the Book!

Did you know that the Upper Peninsula has 13 breweries? Did you know that we should have at least 15 by the end of next year? Did you know that Nick, the brewer (and co-owner) from Ore Dock, once worked for the Wisconsin DNR and has a small herd of cats? Don’t feel bad. Up […]

Find Your New Spring/Summer Wardrobe…For Free!

Ahhhh. It’s that time of year again. Classes are ending. Birds are chirping. The sun is (occasionally) shining and spring is truly in the air. Here’s hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow! Now, if you’re anything like me—a born and bred Awesome Mittener–as soon as we hit that 55 degree mark, I’m pullin’ […]

Che Bello: Designers and Drinks

Che Bello is an uncommon shopping destination for more than one reason. Not only does the boutique carry only several pieces of one style, thus ensuring your fashion taste is as unique as you are, but because of the shop’s liquor license, you’re free to peruse the trendy apparel while sipping beer or wine. Sounds […]

Marquette’s Downtown Showdown Rail Jam

It’s time for the first annual Marquette Downtown Showdown Rail Jam! On Saturday, February 16th, snowboarders, skiers, and spectators of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come down to East Washington near the Savings Bank parking lot and enjoy the event. Six snow covered rails set the scene in which participants will compete for […]

Saving The World’s Largest Float Copper

Saving The World's Largest Float Copper - The Awesome Mitten

From the road, it doesn’t look like much. The largest known piece of float copper in the world merely looks like an enormous rock sitting on a mound of grass. The sign next to it is unassuming and, when people are driving around Presque Isle Park in Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s easy to […]

Ten Awesome Things to Do Inside When It’s Cold

Ten Fun-tivities to Do Inside When It's Cold - The Awesome Mitten

You know those extra-cold, blustery days in winter, the ones so unbearably frigid and gloomy that it’s hard to remember what summer felt like? For those snowy days when it’s too stormy even to walk to the mailbox, I’ve compiled a list of awesome inside fun-tivities to keep your mind and body both happy and busy […]

Peak Fall Colors in Marquette

The Awesome Mitten-Peak Colors in Marquette and Where to See Them

Nestled between mountains and on the shore of the most superior of the Great Lakes, Marquette experiences a brilliant show of fall colors each year. Situated on the Upper Peninsula, its northerly location brings cooler temperatures year round, so Yoopers are usually the first Michiganders to delight in the natural beauty of our great state’s […]

Seven of Michigan’s Best Bookstores

Best Bookstores - The Awesome Mitten

Bookstores are magical places: the way they smell, the endless trove of knowledge and stories available, and the perfectly wonderful sense of relaxation that is immediately felt upon entering. They are for losing yourself in, whiling away countless hours wandering around calming shelves, and leaving satisfied with what you eventually pick out. Paring down a […]

Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth Millner has been working with jewelry crafts for almost her entire life. Recently, she’s brought her skills to a brick-and-mortar storefront in Marquette, and the response has been terrific. Specializing in sterling silver, copper, brass and gold jewelry with a nature theme, she’s now officially been in business for five years. Millner began her […]

Great Lakes Rodeo

The Awesome Mitten- Great Lakes Rodeo

  Grab your cowboy hat, saddle up, and hold on tight. The spurs-and-Wranglers-clad cowboys and cowgirls of the Great Lakes Rodeo, an annual non-profit event in Marquette, MI, are about to stir up some serious dust, and it’s all in the name of a great cause: raising money for local youth organizations. How, you might […]

Day 305: Jump off a Cliff (and into Lake Superior) at Black Rocks!

black rocks - the awesome mitten

There’s a place in Marquette where all the cool kids go to jump off a cliff… and into Lake Superior. That place is known as “Black Rocks.” It’s also one of the reasons I kick myself for not going to college at Northern Michigan University. Have an extended break between classes? Want to go cliff […]

Day 18: Jeff Daniels

[box size=”large” border=”full”] Why this is awesome:  Jeff Daniels is an award-winning famous actor who chooses to spend his time in Michigan and contribute to the community rather than live the dream in California like most celebrities. [/box] Jeff Daniels is known around the world for being a professional, award-winning, actor. He has made us […]