Michigan Road Trip Tips For Your Next Adventure

Some Michigan Road Trip Tips for that Next Adventure - The Awesome Mitten

It’s that time of year in The Mitten! All throughout the state people are hitting the road for pleasure. I’ve always been one to go on road trips. Since I started writing for The Awesome Mitten a few years ago, that has gone up a notch. All that additional adventure time on the road has helped […]

Michigan’s Most Underrated Lighthouses

Michigan is home to many well-known, beautiful and fascinating lighthouses thanks to more than 3,000 miles of shoreline. But if you’re interested in searching beyond the most popular destinations along our Great Lakes, Michigan holds some truly spectacular underrated lighthouses that will take you, sometimes quite literally, off the beaten path! Here are some of our favorite […]

Michigan’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Michigan’s birthday is almost here again. Our Annual Michigan Birthday Bake Off is underway and people are voting on our Facebook page for their favorite cake! (psst…. you can too. Click here.) Along with our baking competition, we wanted to create a contest that everyone could be a part of! Introducing the Michigan Birthday Scavenger […]

Walking Through Centuries: A Port Huron History Lesson

When I visited Port Huron for a MittenTrip this summer, it was clear that this is a place with a special relationship to its surrounding waterways. Bordered by the beautiful shores of Lake Huron and the St. Clair River, and split down the middle by the Black River, much of life in Port Huron involves […]

The Rich History, Beautiful Presence, and Promising Future of Port Huron #MittenTrip

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Port Huron, it’s the Bluewater Bridge. What they don’t tell you is that it’s actually two bridges, one with traffic heading in each direction, with the original span built in 1938 and another that opened in 1997. During my MittenTrip, I learned that Port Huron itself is divided as well. […]

A #MittenTrip to Escanaba: Paradise in the UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is best known for the large number of year-round outdoor activities it offers. My #MittenTrip to Escanaba encompassed the best of the best when it comes to summertime in the UP. I spent my weekend on beaches, in the water, and drinking great local brews on patios; read on to discover which part […]

On Top of the World on Middle Island – Alpena #MittenTrip

Sunrise over Lake Huron from Middle Island Lighthouse. Photo by Joel Heckaman - Awesome Mitten #MittenTrip

As you will find in my Mitten Trip guide to Alpena, the northeast corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula hosts an abundance of incredible experiences. In lieu of a hotel for such a vacation, I recommend something more unique and memorable: uninhabited (by humans, at least) Middle Island and the Keepers’ Lodge bed and breakfast at the Middle Island […]

Alpena #MittenTrip: The Other Side Of Northern Michigan

Depending on where you grew up or have traveled within our great state, the term “Northern Michigan” means something different to each of us. For many, it refers to the Traverse City region, or perhaps a bit farther up in Charlevoix or Petoskey. Some may even believe that only the Upper Peninsula qualifies for such a label. […]

A Summer Lake Michigan Road Trip, Ludington To Frankfort

A Summer Lake Michigan Road Trip, Ludington to Frankfort - Awesome Mitten

Do thoughts of countless beaches, rolling sand dunes, picturesque lighthouses, undisturbed parks, and nature preserves, all along turquoise water get you excited? If so, then consider the Northern Michigan trek from Frankfort to Ludington where hopping from one resort town to the next on this road trip made me forget about the day-to-day. I just […]

Road Tripping Just Across The Mackinac Bridge In St. Ignace

Roadtripping Just Across the Mackinac in St. Ignace - The Awesome Mitten

In the summer months, a lot of people make the trek to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island and/or cross the Mackinac Bridge to enjoy some outdoor adventures in the Upper Peninsula. In between those frequented routes sits the quaint town of St. Ignace. The small-town serves as the gateway between Michigan’s two peninsulas positioned just across […]

An Upper Peninsula Road Trip – The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway

An Upper Peninsula Road Trip - The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway - The Awesome Mitten

Looking for an Upper Peninsula road trip option to get away from it all? The Tahquamenon Scenic Byway, M-123 in northern Michigan, offers that– natural beauty, scenic views, history- and a lot more. Beginning in Eckerman and ending in Newberry, both at M-28, unusually u-shaped, 63-mile highway will start in the eastern portions of the […]

Continuing a Winter Lighthouse Road Trip Along Lake Michigan

The Awesome Mitten - Continuing a Winter Lighthouse, Lake Michigan Road Trip

Droves of people visit the resort towns and coastline of Lake Michigan every year during the warmer months. As an avid traveller of the state, I’m here to point our that this part of Michigan has a lot to offer in the winter as well, especially when it comes to lighthouse and shoreline beauty. Last […]

Beginning With a Lighthouse: Lake Michigan Road Trip

The Awesome Mitten - Beginning a Lighthouse, Lake Michigan Road Trip

Are you looking for a scenic Michigan road trip that you can take no matter the season or weather conditions? Consider the lighthouses and the surrounding beaches, shoreline and small towns that dot the Lake Michigan coastline: sun, rain, ice, snow, wind – this Great Lakes coastline is always showing off its beauty. In December, […]

A Michigan Road Trip Around the Thumb

The Awesome Mitten - A Michigan Road Trip Around The Thumb

Are you in the market for an off the beaten path Michigan road trip option? Take a look at M-25 and the drive around “The Thumb.” From Bay City to Port Huron, along Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, you’ll find an abundance of parks, hiking and adventure opportunities, beaches, scenic overlooks, resort towns, and more. Bay […]