5 Reasons Why Lake Superior Is The Best Great Lake

Satellite image of Lake Superior. Photo courtesy of NASA

My great grandma used to say there are many good lakes, but only one great lake–and it’s no surprise which one she thought was superior. Lakes Ontario and Erie are nice but not really part of our Michigan culture. Meanwhile, Huron is admirable but doesn’t offer as much in size and water quality. Lake Michigan […]

Fishing for the Hell of It

You might be a Michigander if you know WHY Paradise is colder than Hell. Location, right? Speaking of Hell… The famed town in the Southeast region of the Mitten is unique in many ways. Whether you are visiting Screams Ice Cream, Hell Hole Diner, or buying your own small plot of land, this town became famous […]

Celebrate Soon To Be Summer with Gone Beachin’

Gone Beachin' - The Awesome Mitten

This is my favorite time of year. The sun starts warming everything, the lakes start smelling so fresh, and the air is so clean and crisp. This time of year also reminds me of how lucky we are to live in a place like Michigan. Sometimes, I wonder if other states have as much pride […]

Celebrating World Water Day in the Great Lakes State

March 22 marks the United Nations’ World Water Day celebration, designed as an opportunity to learn more about water related issues from around the world – and why water conservation is so important. Water is always on Michiganders’ minds (we’re the Great Lakes State, after all!) and with the Flint water crisis dominating the headlines, […]

Southerner Meets Michigan: Uncovering The Mystery of Apple Island

The Awesome Mitten-Uncovering The Mystery Of Apple Island

In the middle of Orchard Lake, a 35-acre body of land towers 31 feet above the water. Enveloped in a thick covering of trees, Apple Island is a modern-day mystery to countless boaters, pedestrians, and commuters who drive by each day. For one weekend each year, however, the secrecy subsides as this landmark opens to […]

Why I Love Walled Lake

When I moved to Michigan, Walled Lake was the first place that really helped me adjust to the “culture shock” of relocating from the east coast. I quickly found myself mesmerized by lake life, and felt comforted by this body of water as though it were welcoming me to a new stage in my life. […]


Whether you sink or swim, burn or tan, sit or play volleyball, when you’re frequenting the beaches of Michigan, it’s easy to spot a Paddlebuoy. Some choose to sit and paddle, others prefer the added challenge of standing and propelling through the lakes, but you’ll never see one sitting idly in the sand. When you […]