Enjoying Coloring Books as a Grown-Up

Adult coloring– it’s a thing. CNN, Huffington Post, NBC, and many more national news conglomerates started 2015 by featuring adult coloring and its researched-based health benefits. While many studies have recently exposed the very real health benefits of coloring (decreased stress, increased coordination, better work performance, increased relaxation, and prettier refrigerators*), Abbey Johnston, founder of […]

Ram’s Apprentice: A Journey to Artistry

I moved back to Traverse City nine months ago, and happily there has been no shortage of interesting things to write about for The Awesome Mitten.  When I found out about Ram Lee, a local traveling tattoo artist, and his new apprentice, Leif Kolt, was no exception to the extraordinary things happening in the Mitten […]

What’s Brewing: Strange Matter Coffee Co.

For all of you coffee lovers living in mid-Michigan, there’s something you should get really excited about: Michigan’s first coffee truck! Strange Matter Coffee Co. is planning to roll on to the streets of Lansing in Spring 2014 with the help of crowd-sourcing campaigns like Kickstarter. Launched on September 30, Strange Matter is nearing the […]

Day 7: Bartertown

  Do you love food? If you are like the vast majority of Americans, the answer would most likely be a resounding “yes.” On nearly every corner of urban and suburban America, a number of restaurants and other purveyors of edible delights can be found. Restaurants representing numerous cultures and lifestyle needs provide options for […]