10 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Michiganders

10 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Michiganders - The Awesome Mitten

Near the end of last year, the 2017 class of award-winning musicians was announced for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Although none of this year’s listed artists hail from Michigan, and we do appreciate the nice, yet perplexing reference to “South Detroit” in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” there are plenty of musicians lucky enough to […]

History Of Ann Arbor: Not Just A College Town

When most Michiganders think of Ann Arbor, a certain phrase pops into their head: “Go Blue!” It’s true that the University of Michigan has been a driving force behind the city nearly since its inception, but as any resident will tell you, there’s so much more to this town. From rural hamlet to WWII powerhouse to […]