Uncovering Fall Fun in Hell (Michigan)

Hell, Michigan Fall - The Awesome Mitten

It’s time to head to Hell – Hell, Michigan that is! The hamlet with a curious name is situated about forty minutes northwest of Ann Arbor. Hell has a history that dates back to the 1830s where it was once home to a grist mill, a distillery, a summer resort, and a checkered past. That all […]

10 Places in Michigan To Get Your Vegan Ice Cream Fix

10 Places in Michigan to Get Your Vegan Ice Cream Fix Dairy Twist Cafe - The Awesome Mitten

There’s no denying that ice cream is great pretty much anytime. And it’s even better in July, because it’s National Ice Cream Month! That’s fantastic news for those who have no issues with dairy. But what about us Michiganders who can’t eat dairy or eggs due to health issues or ethical practices, or those of […]

Go Right Through For MSU Dairy Store: 7 Reasons To Visit This Summer Break

If you’re familiar with the Michigan State University Dairy Store, your memories probably include the long line — and lack of parking outside Anthony Hall — on the first warm and sunny days of Spring. However, you also know the feeling that it was all worth it as you took that first bite of delicious […]

Leaving Michigan: 13 Things You Miss Most When You’re Gone

Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always loved the wonderful things about our state—the people, the food, the lakes, the beautiful scenery, and the ability to show strangers where I live on the palm of my hand. But part of me has also taken the simple pleasures our Great Lakes State for granted. Like some Michiganders […]

Swing Into Spring With Tiger Traxx And The Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers spring training is in full swing. Naturally, we are all thinking warm thoughts for spring and summer. As Michiganders dream of hot, sunny days at the baseball field, Hudsonville Ice Cream is gearing up to make and distribute Tiger Traxx. Tiger Traxx 2017 marks the 6th year of the Official Ice Cream of the Detroit Tigers. […]

A Road Trip On US-12 Heritage Trail To Celebrate The End Of Summer

US-12 Heritage Trail - The Awesome Mitten

The calendar has finally flipped to September. The days in The Mitten are getting shorter and cooler as the Indian summer has taken over, and the time of year makes me think to myself, we need to take advantage of the warm and sunny weather while we still can. What better way than an end […]

The Truly Michigan Flavor Of Superman Ice Cream

Rainbow Ice Cream from the Dairy Store at the Jackson County Fair

Kids across Michigan instantly recognize those fruity swirls of red, yellow and blue you see in cups and cones, and usually also tongues and faces, all summer. But you may be surprised to learn that Superman Ice Cream isn’t well known outside of the Midwest. In fact, Superman Ice Cream is almost an exclusively Michigan flavor. There is some […]

Michigan June Events Perfect For Kicking Off The Summer

Awesome Michigan June Events - The Awesome Mitten

June is on track to be a jam-packed, event-filled month for Michigan! Summer is here, Father’s Day is around the corner and all the sunshine are perfect causes for celebration. There isn’t a weekend without a festival to celebrate music, food and drink, fun and family. So here is what I know you’ve all been waiting for, the […]

House of Flavors Is A Mandatory Ludington #MittenTrip Stop

House of Flavors is a Mandatory Ludington #MittenTrip Stop - Awesome Mitten

For anyone who has ever asked what to do Ludington, I’m positive House of Flavors has been mentioned and likely revered. I was one of the lucky ones that traveled to the quaint town with someone who had not only lived there for a lot of his life, but he was also a previous HoF server. This […]

Michigan’s Craft Renaissance with Hudsonville and New Holland

It’s easy to take the place you live for granted.  I’ve enjoyed Hudsonville Creamery and New Holland Brewing Company’s products for as long as I’ve resided in West Michigan and simply enjoyed the fact that this tastes GOOD; I never paused to consider what made it that way.  I was recently invited on a bloggers […]

BRU Fest 2014

BRU Fest is back again this year and better than ever. Now in its fourth year, BRU Fest is a favorite of metro-Detroiters, including us here at the Awesome Mitten (I myself featured and attended the event last June). And how could you not be a BRU Fest enthusiast? On June 14th, the event will bring […]

Jim’s Frostie Treats Keeps It in the Family

Awesome Mitten - Jim's Keeps It In The Family

“I only eat vegetables and hot fudge sundaes!” laughed Jim as I sat down to talk with him and his daughter, Kathy, about their famous ice cream shop in Royal Oak (located on 11 Mile between Main and Campbell). Jim opened Jim’s Frostie Treats in 1974 after owning the building as a Dairy Queen for […]

Top Ten Ice Cream Places in West MI

There’s a lot to lick in the Grand Rapids area. While many consider summer a time to focus on the “bathing suit body”, I’ve found that this is the hardest time of year to say no to sweets. As the temperature in the western Mitten heats up, I did a little research to find you […]

BRU Fest 2013

On the evening of Saturday, June 15th, the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market will be bustling not with patrons in search of fresh produce, but with the attendees of the third annual BRU Fest. BRU Fest is a fundraising event aimed at bringing together beer aficionados and food lovers to support the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of […]

MSU Dairy Store

I’m afraid to admit that it’s been awhile since I was last at the MSU Dairy Store, too long, in fact. As I stepped into the store, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. This wasn’t because the MSU Dairy Store had somehow changed for the worse, but because it was even better than […]

Jersey Junction

There are some rites of summer that never change. The eternal recurrence of mosquito bites, the smell of cooking pavement on city streets, the adhesive peel of the small of your back from boiling leather car seats. For four generations, Grand Rapid’s Jersey Junction has been such a rite. An immutable local landmark and nostalgia-ridden […]

Captain Sundae

The Awesome Mitten - Captain Sundae

I sat down with Karen Van Dam (owner of Captain Sundae) to chat about today’s category, ice cream shops. Karen purchased Captain Sundae in 1999. But she first began working at Captain Sundae as a teenager growing up in Holland. Captain Sundae specializes in offering their customers a vast variety of one of a kind […]