5 Reasons Why Lake Superior Is The Best Great Lake

Satellite image of Lake Superior. Photo courtesy of NASA

My great grandma used to say there are many good lakes, but only one great lake–and it’s no surprise which one she thought was superior. Lakes Ontario and Erie are nice but not really part of our Michigan culture. Meanwhile, Huron is admirable but doesn’t offer as much in size and water quality. Lake Michigan […]

The Ultimate Upper Peninsula Road Trip Guide

Ultimate Guide to Roadtripping the UP

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is like no other place on earth. Sandwiched between three of the greatest lakes in the world, it’s filled with peaceful forests, magnificent waterfalls, ancient rock formations, quiet and cozy towns, and miles and miles of shoreline — making it the perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind road trip. Before you get started […]

The Best Dock Fishing Spots Across The Mitten

While Michigan has enough lakes to accommodate nearly any size boat, fishing isn’t just for those out on the open water. From Lake Michigan to Lake St. Clair to Lake Superior, and everywhere in between, our state also features an abundance of dock fishing and shoreline fishing spots that can be just as good for casting and […]

This Fall, Ride the Color- Ride the Yoop

On cool mornings nothing is better than taking that first stride on your bike and beginning an upward climb on a rather intimidating and large hill. For me, this hill is in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula on US 41. Even more rewarding than the climb is the thrill of coasting down the […]

Announcing Upper Peninsula Breweries – the Book!

Did you know that the Upper Peninsula has 13 breweries? Did you know that we should have at least 15 by the end of next year? Did you know that Nick, the brewer (and co-owner) from Ore Dock, once worked for the Wisconsin DNR and has a small herd of cats? Don’t feel bad. Up […]