Muskegon from a Local’s Perspective

Muskegon is well known for its access to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. But when you’re only here for the day, there’s not nearly enough time to explore everything this beach town has to offer. Let me, a local Muskegonite, take you on a tour of some hidden hot spots to show you what you could be missing. Getty […]

The Other Side of Mackinac Island: When It’s Home

Living and working on Mackinac Island appears to be quite the adventure. Cars, big box stores, and movie theaters are all left behind for several months while workers take the ferry over to their summer home. They spend the summer working in one of the many fudge shops, petite boutiques, or fine restaurants that help […]

Grandma’s Fantasy Fudge

As I get older, I become increasingly more aware that life is simply too short. I constantly remind myself to live in the present and soak up as much time with loved ones as sanely possible. To say I’ve learned a lot from the people in my life would be a huge understatement, but I […]

Michigan Fudge!

It’s almost impossible to say the words “Mackinac Island” without tagging “fudge” on the end. And despite the fact that the awesome treat has become synonymous with its island namesake, it was not invented there. However, the Mackinac Island fudge we all know and love – it’s crazy delicious – is available pretty much everywhere […]