The Riverside Inn Celebrates 20 Years

Riverside Inn Celebrates 20 Years - The Awesome Mitten

Leland is well-known throughout Michigan for its famous Fishtown. Equally as stunning is the area of Leland just across M22 and up the road from Fishtown. Restaurants, wineries, the Leland River, and lodging awaits just steps from M22. One of the most beautiful parts of this area of Leland is The Riverside Inn. This historic […]

The Best Places To Score A Deal In Leelanau County

The Best Places In Leelanau County To Score A Deal - The Awesome Mitten

Leelanau County is well-known in our state for its beautiful landscape, sugar-sand beaches, and unlimited wineries. However, Leelanau County can also be known for high-end restaurants and expensive establishments. Fortunately, you’ve got a local here who loves a good deal. Read on to find out which establishments are my favorites to eat and drink in each […]

Fishtown: Small-Town Michigan at its Finest

Fishtown - #MittenTrip - Leland -The Awesome Mitten

I have always found the Pure Michigan radio spiels to be smooth and enticing, but I never really took them as reality. I don’t even know if there is a spiel for Leland – if there isn’t there should be if for no other reason than to highlight Fishtown. When I told people I was […]

Good Food, Great People, Beautiful Views: Leland

Weekend road trips are some of my all-time favorite trips to take. They’re generally affordable and force you to explore within a three-hour radius of home, which is something we don’t do nearly enough. One of the challenges that is a side-effect of a weekend trip is finding the balance between making the most of the […]

The Village Cheese Shanty

The Awesome Mitten-The Village Cheese Shanty

There sits a small shack in the heart of Leland’s historic Fishtown. Nothing special outside sets the shack apart from the fishing shanties surrounding it, except for a green sign over the front door that reads “Cheese” in all capital, golden letters. Inside this unassuming, little building are some of the best sandwiches in Michigan. […]