Why Michiganders Love Faygo

Why People Have So Much Love For All Things Faygo - The Awesome Mitten 1

Big brands of pop are advertised everywhere you look. LeBron James wants you to drink Sprite. Coca-Cola spends staggering amounts of money to get their name in front of you. And who can’t resist Taco Bell’s Mountain Dew Baja Blast? (Me, admittedly.) But just like there are tons of fantastic craft beers for every Miller […]

The Awesome Mitten Attends Mo Pop Festival at Detroit Riverfront

Michigan is the Great Lakes State, but we’ve also got a lovely gem of a riverfront in downtown Detroit. The stages were set with the scenic bridge and Canadian coast in the view. Mo Pop Festival celebrates Michigan businesses, and internationally-known musicians. The Awesome Mitten contributor Sarah Spohn attended the festival, which took place the […]

Leaving Michigan: 13 Things You Miss Most When You’re Gone

Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always loved the wonderful things about our state—the people, the food, the lakes, the beautiful scenery, and the ability to show strangers where I live on the palm of my hand. But part of me has also taken the simple pleasures our Great Lakes State for granted. Like some Michiganders […]

Michigan Road Trip Tips For Your Next Adventure

Some Michigan Road Trip Tips for that Next Adventure - The Awesome Mitten

It’s that time of year in The Mitten! All throughout the state people are hitting the road for pleasure. I’ve always been one to go on road trips. Since I started writing for The Awesome Mitten a few years ago, that has gone up a notch. All that additional adventure time on the road has helped […]

An Ode To The Mitten

An Ode To The Mitten - The Awesome Mitten

 We sing praise to the freckled fossils found scattered along shorelines, more commonly called Petoskey Stones. Our toes dip into   the surge of frosty freshwater from the Great Lakes, what were once in a frozen glacial state, now hold the homes of plenty of plants, and special species of fish. Ice cold Oberon in […]

Michigan’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Michigan’s birthday is almost here again. Our Annual Michigan Birthday Bake Off is underway and people are voting on our Facebook page for their favorite cake! (psst…. you can too. Click here.) Along with our baking competition, we wanted to create a contest that everyone could be a part of! Introducing the Michigan Birthday Scavenger […]

The Rich History, Beautiful Presence, and Promising Future of Port Huron #MittenTrip

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Port Huron, it’s the Bluewater Bridge. What they don’t tell you is that it’s actually two bridges, one with traffic heading in each direction, with the original span built in 1938 and another that opened in 1997. During my MittenTrip, I learned that Port Huron itself is divided as well. […]

A Michigan Thanksgiving Celebration

Awesome Mitten - Thanksgiving

Celebrate the Mitten this Thanksgiving with a hearty Michigan meal. Here are some ideas to get you started: Turkey: The main dish! Tom Otto’s Turkey Farm in Middleville is estimated to process over 12,000 turkeys this year. Visit them the week before Thanksgiving to get your bird. Another option is to check out Michigan Turkey Producers, a […]

The Great Michigan Food Experiment


I’ve lived in Michigan for about a year and a half now, but I’d hardly consider myself an expert on local customs and specialties. In particular, I’m awestruck by the variety of foods that are unique to Michigan and the Midwest, and have wondered on several occasions what makes local snacks and dishes so appealing […]