Let There be Light: Grand Rapids’ Lamp Light Music Festival

East Grand Rapids Lamp Light Music Festival - The Awesome Mitten

Then, there was light! Grand Rapids will continue to shine this year with its fifth annual Lamp Light Music Festival, an event that started out as a complete experiment. This year’s festival takes place Friday through Sunday, November 4-6, 2016, spread out between a few next-door-neighbor venues within the neighborhood. The festival director, John Hanson, spoke […]

Bootlegger to Dentist to Baker: D’arts Donuts Journey to Eastown

D'arts Donuts - The Awesome Mitten

Aspiring dentist turned donut baker: that’s Adam Ouellette, owner of D’arts Donuts. “I went from wanting to save teeth to rotting them,” Ouellette joked. This first-time business owner broke into the Grand Rapids bakery scene by starting the D’arts Donuts food truck in June of 2015. To his surprise, business boomed and grew faster than expected. […]