Five Mid-Michigan Food Items for which to Be Thankful

When I was a kid, I remember urging everyone at Thanksgiving dinner one year to grab a popcorn kernel and say what they were thankful for. I must have seen or heard about the idea from someone or somewhere (I’m not that creative!) and thought it was important to try it out that particular year. […]

Make A Stop At Pond Hill Farm During A Tunnel Of Trees Tour

Make a Stop at Pond Hill Farm During a Tunnel of Trees Tour - Awesome Mitten

When I was doing research for my #MittenTrip to Petoskey and Harbor Springs, the suggestions for the Tunnel of Trees on M-119 was the resounding winner. I immediately started looking at all of the photos and reading several articles, including one posted by our writer Shalee Blackmer on Awesome Mitten not that long ago! To […]

Experience Autumn In Mid Michigan At Almar Orchards

When it comes to autumn in Mid Michigan, “awesome” doesn’t even begin to cover it. However, it definitely defines what you will find at Almar Orchards in Flushing. From their organic apples to their fresh cider and honey, this orchard is well worth the trip off the beaten path. Almar Orchards has been around for generations. […]

4 Places to Get Your Pumpkin Fix in Kalamazoo

Ladies and gentleman let me introduce you to one of fall’s favorite players: It’s orange, clunky, and full of ooey gooey covered seeds…pumpkin! What used to be reserved for one of Halloween’s most traditional and nostalgic activities has quickly turned into the top ingredient in every fall treat. It’s swept up America’s autumn, shelf by shelf, […]

Parmenter’s Cider Mill: 140 Years of Autumn Tradition

Where I come from, “fall” means pumpkins. It means changing leaves, chili dogs, hay rides, and corn mazes. It’s my favorite time of year, and I always imagined that any other place would be hard-pressed to match the best parts of the season as they occur along the Blue Ridge. That’s why I think it’s […]

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill

The Awesome Mitten-Sweetwater's Donut Mill 01

Driving down Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo, a familiar fragrance floats in through the car window. It is fresh, fluffy, and filled with sweetness. What else can you do but pull into Sweetwater’s Donut Mill and give in to the only craving that will satiate your palate? Those crispy, creamy, and gooey donuts. John Garner, the […]

Sandy’s Donuts

This is about waking-up on that morning. That morning when you are brutally slapped awake at dawn by a list of things you are loath to do that is only slightly less intensive than the Warren Reports. That morning when your gut feels like you downed a bottle of crazy glue and the the contents […]