The Best Dock Fishing Spots Across The Mitten

While Michigan has enough lakes to accommodate nearly any size boat, fishing isn’t just for those out on the open water. From Lake Michigan to Lake St. Clair to Lake Superior, and everywhere in between, our state also features an abundance of dock fishing and shoreline fishing spots that can be just as good for casting and […]

Michigan June Events Perfect For Kicking Off The Summer

Awesome Michigan June Events - The Awesome Mitten

June is on track to be a jam-packed, event-filled month for Michigan! Summer is here, Father’s Day is around the corner and all the sunshine are perfect causes for celebration. There isn’t a weekend without a festival to celebrate music, food and drink, fun and family. So here is what I know you’ve all been waiting for, the […]

Day 234: Kathleen's Cookies

Even if these cookies weren’t delicious all by themselves, their packaging is so adorable that it makes purchasing them worthwhile. Each box at Kathleen’s Cookies is delicately put together with their signature aqua blue box, striped grosgrain ribbon, and polka dot tissue paper. Receiving a gift box of these amazing cookies would be the highlight […]

Day 181: Karen and Darrin Brege

Karen and Darrin Brege are a husband and wife team out of Brighton, Michigan. They are taking the Michigan literature arena by storm.  They have collaborated their talents by writing and illustrating chapter books for grade school children while simultaneously making a huge impact on the communities around them. Let’s start with Karen, a former […]

Day 118: Lu and Carls

Why it’s awesome:  Lu and Carl’s is one of Brighton’s many great restaurants and bars.  It is a great family restaurant by day and a vibrant part of Brighton’s nightlife in the evenings. Lu and Carl’s in Brighton is for the dogs.  Literally.  The restaurant is named after the previous owner’s dogs, Lu and Carl. […]

Day 95: Oh My Lolli!

[box size=”large” border=”full”]Why it’s awesome:  You can buy handmade hard candy and see it being made! [/box]Brighton has it’s own personal Willy Wonka in Keith Karp, owner of Oh My Lolli!  This little shop has taken an item that has been around for ages, hard candy, and has made it fresh and new. Oh My Lolli! […]

Day 90: Champ's

[box size=”large” border=”full”] Why it’s awesome:  This place has had the best burgers in Livingston County for 23 years. [/box] Champ’s Pub is a must go place for anyone trying to familiarize themselves with the Brighton area.  It isn’t hard to find, just look for the sign featuring the most admirable mustache for miles around. […]