How to put a Local Twist on a Tourist Attraction: Wine Tasting Edition

Living in Northern Michigan means wine tasting is a regular occurrence. There are eight magnificent wineries on Old Mission Peninsula and 25 on Leelanau Peninsula with more cropping up all the time. That is 33 different wineries to choose from, all of which offer unique tastes on what makes northern Michigan wine great. The season of […]

October Oatmeal Challenge

The oatmeal market in Traverse City is largely untapped. This month, I have dedicated all of my extra time and energy into seeking out the best oatmeal this city has to offer. Texture, added ingredients, temperature, and presentation were all examined during this process. Boy, it’s been a good month. Read on to see who […]

Seven Of The Best Coffee Shops in Michigan

The Awesome Mitten - 7 Best Coffee Shops

People frequent coffee shops for all sorts of reasons. Some show up to read, and some are there to sip a cup of coffee and soak up the atmosphere. You will find me in one – as you will find many of my fellow students – hunched over a table with a bottomless cup of […]

Wrought Iron Grill

When I first heard about the Wrought Iron Grill, I was told it was unlike anything I would expect. From the outside, the Wrought Iron Grill looks like nothing more than a non-assuming, brick factory. And that’s exactly what used to occupy the space that has now become a mecca to grilled cuisine, microbrewed beers […]