Converted file 43c9c30b Treat Yo'self to Some Premium Frozen Yogurt

Treat Yo’self to Some Premium Frozen Yogurt

In the heart of East Grand Rapids is a frozen yogurt shop that has recently had many new and exciting changes. Sweet Yo’s Premium Frozen Yogurt, located on Wealthy Street near Gaslight Village, is a self-serve frozen yogurt bar that offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings to satisfy the tastebuds of the EGR community. Newly acquired and operated by local resident Matt Page, the future of Sweet Yo’s EGR is looking bright.

Photo by Alison Mosher
Photo by Alison Mosher

Page has been in the frozen treat business since the age of 13, when he worked in his mother’s ice cream shop in Grand Haven. Page says, “When we learned Sweet Yo’s was [for sale] I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to run my own business. With my years of experience in the ice cream business, I set out to make Sweet Yo’s a fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, delicious dessert destination.” In order to create the perfect product, Page says that he tried many different yogurts and suppliers in order to find the best tasting product for his customers. Page says that the yogurt is made right here in Michigan (how awesome is that?) and “it does not contain any artificial flavorings or chemical preservatives and simply tastes amazing.”

Courtesy of Sweet Yo's website
Courtesy of Sweet Yo’s

As far as the future of Sweet Yo’s, Page says he has some plans, but is currently enjoying getting to know the local community. Far beyond those gleaming, stainless steel dispensers of frozen deliciousness, however, Page says that the industry changes quickly and it takes a lot of time and effort to keep up. “I plan on continually changing our toppings to add a greater variety so everyone who comes in can find something they like.” Sweet Yo’s currently offers a wide variety of berries, candies, cookie dough, nuts, and even sour gummy worms for those customers with a serious sweet tooth.

Now that the peak season for frozen desserts has arrived, Page has a plan to bring a little extra savings for the customers of Sweet Yo’s. “Every Wednesday throughout the summer I would like to offer anyone who buys a yogurt a chance at spinning a wheel and saving some money.” Page has a giant wheel with different discounts on it for people to take a chance on. As the community of East Grand Rapids continues to grow and thrive, Page wants Sweet Yo’s to do the same. He is excited to begin to see more and more familiar faces in the store and to get to be a part of the many events that the area offers.

Photo by Alison Mosher
Photo by Alison Mosher

Page would like to extend an invitation to all members of the East Grand Rapids community to come in and try out his frozen yogurt. He hopes that his customers walk away from Sweet Yo’s feeling like they had experienced a “kind, friendly atmosphere, while learning that just because frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream, doesn’t mean it is lower in quality or taste.”

What toppings or flavors would you like to see? Sweet Yo’s is always looking for your awesome suggestions.

If you’d like to learn more about Sweet Yo’s and find their other locations you can visit their website here.

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