Sweet Eats in Iron Mountain

Sweet Eats in Iron Mountain
chicago burger from spiros in iron mountain, mi
The “Chicago Burger” from Spiro’s in Iron Mountain, MI

If you’re exploring the Upper Peninsula, chances are at some point you’ll find yourself in Iron Mountain.

With local attractions like the Iron Mountain Iron Mine, the Pine Mountain Ski Jump and whitewater rafting at Piers Gorge just to name a few, you might even consider making it basecamp for your U.P. explorations.

The downside? Unfortunately, Iron Mountain isn’t exactly blessed with the hordes of awesome restaurants that dot the landscape of the Lower Peninsula.

Never fear, though. Like any other small town, the Upper Peninsula’s fifth largest city has a few good places to grab a bite. You just need to know where to look.

Spiro’s Downtown Restaurant

Spiro’s (427 S. Stephenson Ave. 906.774.3499) is a local favorite and a place I’m afraid many passers by miss because it’s not right on the highway.

Located just off the main drag, Spiro’s has a lovely outdoor dining area that serves as a town hotspot during the summer months. The food is terrific by almost any standards and they have a good beer and wine list as well.

Recommended: Chicago burger, dirty bird burger, quesadilla, Santorini chicken, and everything else on the menu (really).

the bakery shoppe doughnuts
Doughnuts from the Bakery Shoppe in Iron Mountain, MI

The Bakery Shoppe

The Bakery Shoppe (700 River Ave. 906.774.5000) is a hometown Italian bakery that serves up fresh muffins, baked treats, bread, sandwiches and more. When my wife and I are traveling we’ll often look for a place to grab a coffee and a muffin for breakfast before we hit the road. The Bakery Shoppe’s doppelganger is essentially what I’m looking for.

Pop in, grab a coffee and a (huge) muffin and you’re off to the races. As a bonus, the interior design has a sharp focus on Iron Mountain’s industrial history. (Photos of Ford, Edison and Kingsford adorn the walls).

Recommended: Blueberry muffin, cannoli, raspberry scone, fruit tart, raspberry almond muffin.

Poor Boy Roys

Poor Boy Roys (302 S. Stephenson Ave. 906.828.1727) is a little shack in downtown Iron Mountain that serves up unique, better than average sandwiches. If you’re in the mood for something especially different, try the deep fried oyster sandwich.

Recommended: Chicken carbonara sandwich, pulled pork sandwich.

The White House

And last but certainly not least is The White House (912 Carpenter Ave. 906.776.1492).  This is a sit down sandwich place with a repertoire of solid appetizers and good burgers.

This and Spiro’s are the two places in town with pleasant outdoor seating, which in this case is a big deck that doubles as a stage for live music when the sun goes down.

Recommended: Smoked chicken wings with plumb sauce, Portobello burger, sweet potato fries, presidential burger.

That’s all for now, folks. Iron Mountain also happens to be where I call home, so if you happen to be in the area and need further recommendations feel free to drop me a line! You can get in touch through my Things to do in the U.P. website.