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#SunnyandtheElk started when Sunny and her dad pulled a set of gigantic elk antlers out of a lake last spring. With the assistance of scuba diving friends, Sunny was able to recover the antlers, vertebrae, and several other bones of this rare, extinct Eastern Elk. After meeting with University of Michigan biologist Phil Myers and paleontologist Dan Fisher, Sunny and her family decided to move forward with their research to learn more about the elk.

Questions lead to more questions, and Sunny and her elk need your help to raise $5,689.25 to support her research project! With a goal of eventually placing the elk skeleton in a museum, Sunny the Scientist needs to learn as much as she can about the extinct mammal.

Back her Kickstarter by Monday, August 11 and receive exclusive updates on her project. Otherwise, wait until Sunny’s website launches to make a donation. You can also submit questions and/or hypotheses to Sunny the Scientist via Kickstarter.

According to Sunny’s mom Amy, the best way for people to get involved is to get inspired: Look, Wonder, and Discover! The family encourages kids (1-111) to Look, Wonder, and Discover, and then pursue their passion.

Watch the video, back Sunny’s project, and share some #SunnyandtheElk love online this weekend.

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