The calendar has turned to August, the mercury has stopped rising above 90 degrees, and the Back to School sales have hit stores; these are all signs that point to the inevitable end of summer 2012 in Michigan. With the waning warm weather months comes the close of the music festival season. Soon, the only way to see your favorite band will be to hibernate in the back rooms of clubs or center stage at your nearest arena as you sit in the nosebleeds with a pair of binoculars. Your chance to see great bands in the fresh air is running out.

Perhaps you haven’t made it out to a festival this year; maybe you’re looking for one last hurrah, an encapsulating “end of summer” experience. Look no further than StereoTerra, a four-day music festival in Edenville, Michigan, taking place August 16th to 19th. The festival features 60 artists with enough variety to please even the pickiest music lover. Included in the roster are national acts such as hip-hop maestro RJD2, alternative punk/country band Lucero, dubstep group EOTO, and jam band The Werks. Love supporting local bands? StereoTerra has them in spades. The Boy Wonders, FLASHCLASH, Seven Birds One Stone, The Muggs and The Orange Marsupials—all Detroit-area groups—will take the stage over the course of the festival.

StereoTerra isn’t just about the music; the festival aims for a “summer camp for adults” atmosphere. The activities are wide-ranging: wake up bright and early for morning yoga, stop by the Tie Dye Station where you can pick up a StereoTerra shirt and personalize it with eco-friendly dyes, wander through the Boombox Gallery—a section of forest filled with broken and recycled boomboxes, get active throwing horseshoes or playing beach volleyball, or take your turn participating in an old summer camp tradition: campsite wars!

Worried about your carbon footprint? Don’t let that stop you from rocking out at StereoTerra: it’s billed as one of the greenest festivals in the country. Edenville’s BoyceHydro, a hydroelectric power company with four dams on the nearby Tittabawassee River, will supply the power so festival will run “completely free of harmless energy.”

So fill up the cooler, grab a couple of friends, load into the car, and head over to StereoTerra August 16-19. Opportunities to celebrate summer are running out, and none sound quite as promising as this. Plus, tickets have recently dropped in price with four-day passes now going for $75! What’s your excuse?

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Jake Cagle, Contributing Writer.

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  1. Stereo what? Hippy love pushed by a bunch of hacks. This was a waste and the guy who ran it is a rip off artist. I never heard of any of these bands and nobody will ever hear of them, they sucked. This was passed off as quality and I’d like to know who’s barometer was used for said quality, Helen Keller? When everyone is a proverbial “d-bag” in the whole crazy camp ground it should have been lit on fire and done the world a giant favor. I hope that this joke doesn’t come back to our town again, period!

    1. Clearly the music isn’t for you. But you should know that most people who attended this festival found it to be one of the most peaceful and well-respected festivals of the summer. With the amount of hate you seem to have towards this music, which is purely a matter of taste, I would be glad if you didn’t attend next year. This event was pulled of in some of the most unfavorable conditions imaginable, thanks to local people who are unwilling to be open to anything new. Do the world a favor yourself and keep the hate to yourself.

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