Spring Has Sprung – Kind Of.

Spring Has Sprung – Kind Of.

It’s spring. I think. I can’t really tell by the weather outside, and you probably can’t either. It will be months, still, until the mounds and mounds of snow finally melt away and the soaked brown grass will fully reveal itself. It’s depressing, I know, but instead of wallowing in the missery of this overly extended winter, why not look forward to all the fun things you can do when it is (finally) spring in Traverse City? I think I’ll take that route instead.

1) Lets start off with my favorite thing to do when it’s warm out, and the one thing I am most looking forward to when Spring finally does arrive – The Little Fleet.


The Awesome Mitten-Spring Has Sprung, Kind Of
Photo Courtesy of EatDrinkTC

The Little Fleet has been staying plenty busy this Winter with tons of events, dinners, and drinks to keep us warm. But, nothing can beat grabbing a sandwich, a cold drink, and lounging outside with some friends, letting the sweet spring sun thaw your frozen winter skin. Guys, I can’t wait. I can smell it now.

2.) Tired of driving? Me too. That’s why I can’t wait to ride my bicycle.

The Awesome Mitten - Spring Has Sprung - Kind Of
Photo Courtesy of Grand Traverse Bike Tours

If you’ve been staying in shape with cycling classes at Yen Yoga, or roughing it by riding your fat bike through the winter than I’m sure you’re more than ready to hop on your bike and go for a nice ride through the TART Trails, or just down the street to work. I know I can’t wait to catch a spring breeze while pedaling around Interlochen. Reminder-Always wear a helmet. Brains are cool, but you should probably keep them inside your skull.

3.) I don’t like fish, but I sure do love Fish Town.

The Awesome Mitten - Spring Has Sprung - Kind Of
Photo Courtesy of bonapetit.com

I remember the first time that my parents took my family to Fish Town. I told all of them “This is where I want to live.” I still feel this way, except in the winter. But, I think I’d feel that way about any town in the winter. That’s besides the point. Fish Town in Leland is beautiful. With jaw dropping views of the water, fun places to eat and shop, and a warm community, it just couldn’t get any better. I’m looking forward to my first trip up the winding road to my favorite Northern Michigan destination this spring.

4.) Do you like fresh foods? Me too. That’s why I love the Farmers Market.

The Awesome Mitten - Spring Has Sprung - Kind Of
Photo Courtesy of The Ticker


Now, yet again, I know the Farmers Market has been open all winter long within the State Hospital. But guys, nothing feels as good as walking along the sidewalk, sun shining down, the scent of fresh baked bread filling the air, and picking up the perfect local vegetables for your table.

5.) Hiking – I just really like trees.


The Awesome Mitten - Spring Has Sprung - Kind Of
Photo Courtesy of MyNorth

This one doesn’t take much explaining. Get out there and enjoy one of the many trail heads we have in Traverse City. Take pictures, walk the dogs, run, bike, and soak in the beauty of our wonderful city.

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