short casts2 Short's Cast: Michigan Craft Beer for your Ears

Short’s Cast: Michigan Craft Beer for your Ears

Photo Courtersy of Bridgett Beckwith

Short’s Brewing Company has always been an innovator in the Michigan craft beer game since their inception. From their unique marketing strategy, wacky logos,  and a beer variety unlike any in the world, Short’s is always turning heads. Now they have taken it one step further: welcome to Short’s Cast, a weekly podcast brought to you by the wonderful people of Short’s Brewing Company.

Available on iTunes since January, Short’s Cast episodes have been slyly coming in weekly where each episode gives the listener a “behind the scenes” look at one of Michigan’s finest breweries. Run by the employees, every episode has a twist discussing what makes Short’s, well, Short’s.

The first couple of episodes are filled with rich history of the brewery which involves the beautiful people who help make it run. Joe Short, tells his tales of breweries in his past and how he came to open the brewery that holds his name.  He even shares the lovely story about how he and his wife, Leah, helped create this magical place, Joe concocting crazy brews while Leah helps run their Ween inspired deli cuisine.

One interesting story talks about Soft Parade, one of the beers that has always helped Short’s stand out from the rest due to its crazy combination of fresh fruit and tangy taste. During a trip through the U.P. to get malt, Joe was trying to come up with a name for this fruit rye beer he had just conjured. When he was working for Traverse Brewing Company, at the end of every shift, they would listen to The Doors album, The Soft Parade. This CD was riding shotgun alongside Joe, and after a listen he decided that the name Soft Parade would fully encompass every aspect of this special brew.

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Photo Courtesy of Bridgett Beckwith

Employees take turns at the helm of the microphone from episode to episode where they share experiences of what they do for the company, what they love about working for Short’s, and the day to day operations around the brewery. They also include a section each week that talks about Short’s Happenings from who’s playing at the brew pub, to Short Tap Takeovers that are taking place all across the state.

So the next time you’re pointing north in the Mitten, make sure to upload Short’s Casts! You may even make a detour to Bellaire, just to see what all the wonderful fuss is about.

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