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Short’s Brewing Company is Making Changes

Although playing outside and going on snowy adventures makes for a fantastic #MittenTrip, I have to admit that my visit to Short’s Brewing Company was definitely a major highlight of a recent wintry trip to Bellaire. More than anything, the experience was a testament to quality and passion. From the food to the beer to their new line of Starcut Ciders, Short’s pays an incredible amount of attention to detail while remaining fun and unique. As an advocate for Michigan and what it has to offer, I’m excited to see what happens when something as beloved as Short’s beer is offered in other places around the United States.

Short's Brewing Company - The Awesome Mitten
Short’s Brewing Company. Courtesy of Michael Murphy.

As some people know (and others do not), Short’s has only ever been distributed in Michigan. This was on purpose for a multitude of reasons, but it was mostly because they were concerned with creating a quality product made with all sorts of love and passion. This was totally possible to do while remaining intentionally local twelve years ago, and again seven years ago when they started bottling. As we all know (and probably love!), there are an ever-increasing number of craft breweries in the state. Because of this changing dynamic, the folks from Short’s had to start thinking a little differently about their business. Joe Short, Founder of Short’s Brewing Company, carefully explained the decision to change their business plan in a letter to Short’s friends at the end of January before the team started its Midwest distributions in Pennsylvania. Those will soon be followed by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Ex-pats, REJOICE!

Short's Brewing Company - The Awesome Mitten
Pouring one of Short’s Brewing Company’s craft beers. Courtesy of Michael Murphy.

Remember that bit about Short’s being hyper-local when they started twelve years ago? You can totally help them celebrate by joining them in Bellaire on April 30, 2016, for The Short’s Anni Party XII. Some of our favorite Michigan bands, like The Crane Wives, The Go Rounds, and Vulfpeck, will be there to make sure everyone is moving and shaking. Go party with them and celebrate some awesome changes!

That’s not all! Short’s is coming to Detroit this weekend (March 10-12, 2016) for some adventures in the Motor City. Join the Short’s team for tons of fun (and beer) with a tap takeover at the Fowling Warehouse, a Huma lunch at Grand Trunk Pub, a bar-inspired scavenger hunt, and a Brewer’s Brunch at Hopcat Detroit. Sounds like a beer-filled, dream weekend! Before Detroit (so right now!), they are heading to Chicago and other parts of Illinois to begin the launch of distribution in that area.

Short's Brewing Company - The Awesome Mitten
Seating and bar inside Short’s Brewing Company. Courtesy of Michael Murphy.

I have always been a big fan of Short’s Brewing Company, and these recent changes have only made that affinity stronger. Not only is the company looking out for its team in Northern Michigan by making strategic decisions for sustainability, but they are also conscientiously engaging with the rest of the state (and other parts of the US) with these road trip adventures. All of us at The Awesome Mitten are looking forward to what Short’s has in store next – we’re sure it will taste delicious!

Which Short’s Brewing Company brew is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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