Shop Local, Grand Rapids

Shop Local, Grand Rapids


The Awesome Mitten (Shop Local Grand Rapids)
Photo Courtesy of Small Business Saturdays

Between the convenience of online shopping to the consistency of the mall, shopping local can sometimes feel like a major drag. This year, though, carve out some time Small Business Saturday (November 29th) to find a gift that is truly unique, special, and helps the community.

The Awesome Mitten (Shop Local Grand Rapids)
Photo Courtesy of Downtown Market

If you live in Grand Rapids, 28th Street seems to beckon like a light up Santa ornament in your front lawn. Between the mall and all the other big box stores with their fancy flyers, big sales, and killer return policies, taking an hour or two to stroll downtown or in another neighborhood may seem like a waste of time. Local businesses of Grand Rapids have stepped up their game this year and are offering discounts, freebies, and more. My suggestion to you this year-sleep in on Black Friday, grab a coffee at a local roaster, like Madcap or Rowster, and stroll through your favorite neighborhood this Small Business Saturday.

Gina’s Boutique / 40 Monroe Center NW-10% off all purchases + a free scarf with purchase

Rosa’s Closet / 2141 Wealthy St SE-15% off regular priced purchases + $10 gift card with purchase

The Awesome Mitten (Shop Local Grand Rapids)
Photo Courtesy of Rosa’s Closet

Downtown Market / 435 Ionia St SW-sales vary depending on vendor

Cheeky Strut / 216 Grandville Ave SW-sales, discounted blow outs, and tool trade-ins

The Awesome Mitten (Shop Local Grand Rapids)
Photo Courtesy of Cheeky Strut

Gazelle Sports / 3930 28th St SE-20% off women’s apparel

Free Trolley / Gaslight Village to Breton Village from 12-6


So this year, when you’re feeling bummed about another mall holiday, find some inspiration among local merchants. Shop local, shop small!

Where will you be shopping this holiday season?








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