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The Awesome Mitten--Sava's
Photo courtesy of Meg Corts

We should get something cleared up right away, a kind of disclaimer if you will–I love Sava’s. I eat there all the time. I go there for post-work drinks with my friends, I go there for breakfast when I’m hungover from said drinks, and I take my parents there for special occasions. I have all those sappy feelings of comfort one obtains from incessantly occupying a place, and I’m listening to the band Cut Copy while I write this because I know it plays often in the restaurant. When I’m not there, I’m probably down the street at their market, Babo, enjoying their iced coffee while I write. With that said, the following article is a formality, a verbose attempt at explaining something I’ve already given an undeniable A-ranking. So here’s the spiel, and I assure you it is genuine.

The Awesome Mitten--Sava's
Photo courtesy of Sava’s

At Sava’s State Street Cafe, one immediately notices that the staff are all wearing crisp, Converse sneakers and a variety of neckwear that provide an immaculate color palette. The shoes differ from high-tops to mid-tops, and every rubber toe is  freshly polished to give the white extra contrast. In this atmosphere, they don’t seem some recalcitrant punk-rock staple; they’re an honest sign of individuality, a pledge of quality tied around every server’s feet. This image is furthered by the menagerie of colorful bow ties, ascots, handkerchiefs, bandanas, and ties around their napes. Before one even sits down, there is something intrinsically comforting here, something inviting and familiar.

Yet, it doesn’t end there. Sava’s cocktail menu is expansive, daring, and inclusive. Pay attention to this last word, inclusive, because the meaning is calculated (by me) and twofold. Firstly, Sava’s bartenders have worked together to meticulously craft their signature drinks,a group effort that relies on dedication and knowledge that allows them to challenge one another as they strive to provide only the best unique beverages. Secondly, between their signature drinks, micro-brew choices on tap, a long list of bottled beers, and an elaborate collection of wines, it is near impossible to not satiate one’s lust for libations. (My personal summer favorite is their State Street Tea.)

The Awesome Mitten--Sava's
photo courtesy of Meg Corts

As far as food goes, the choices are practically infinite. Sava’s breakfast menu is extensive; it fulfills the needs of those craving hearty, morning omelets and hashes as well as those that demand sweeter plates of crepes or french toast. You can watch the bartender make you fresh-squeezed juice. Their burgers are made from Knight’s beef, a long time Ann Arbor butchery that provides the best quality, local meat. All of their desserts are made in house, every day. A full menu can be found at

, a market brought to you by Sava, is only a short stroll down the street and harbors a deli, coffeehouse, selection of beers and wines, fresh produce, and other quality groceries. A cup of coffee there will do you good, and they have patio seating available for those who don’t want to lug their food and wine home. Whether you visit Sava’s or Babo, you are in for an experience you will not quickly forget.

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~Aram Mrjoian, Feature Writer

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