Jessica and Nate Totten

Tiny Transport: Take a Ride on the Rotten Bus

Jessica and Nate Totten, aka, the Rottens Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton
Jessica and Nate Totten, aka, the Rottens Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

A delightful movement has begun and is quickly grabbing attention worldwide. It is known as the “Tiny House” movement and people everywhere are downsizing possessions and, most importantly, their homes. I had the pleasure of meeting a young couple that was about to embark on an incredible journey and embrace the “Tiny House” lifestyle. Jessica and Nate Totten, known as “The Rottens” were tired of renting a home, yet they weren’t quite ready for the mortgage lifestyle just yet. What options does that leave? Many, actually. And the Rottens decided to purchase an old school bus and convert it into their home.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

Living deep in a society that finds value and self-worth in possessions and obtaining more, there is something so refreshing about getting rid of things. Downsizing to only the necessities can be so freeing, uplifting, and cleansing. It is good for the soul and completely rids any feeling of being weighed down. This is exactly what the Rottens set out to do; free their souls and head west.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

The Rottens are officially departing on their bus in November and leaving the mitten. Their original plan was to get out before the snow came. Clearly, that did not happen. As wedding photographers, they are fortunate to have work wherever they go. As of now, the destination is Oregon. Jessica has family that lives there and Nate has already lined up a job. These two have completely renovated the bus so that it has a functioning bathroom and shower, a washer and dryer, running water, and a coziness that even their two cats approve of. In fact, one of the seats even folds into a bed for guests. It’s true, this bus has a guest room. Is there anything cuter in the world?

Many parts of the bus are secretly storage compartments. As Jessica and Nate pointed out, this is an exceptionally key component to make sure nothing feels cluttered on the bus. The Rottens have placed storage compartments in many areas, including under the dining seats, under the sofa, and along the ceiling. Obviously, a lot of work goes into transitioning a school bus into a place to live. The Rottens have truly done an amazing job. The hardwood floors, baby blue kitchen cabinets, and personal touches would make anyone excited to take up residency inside.

Bed Time
Bed Time Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

Be sure to follow the Rottens’ journey via their website, blog, and Facebook page. They are an inspiration and are helping to pioneer this Tiny House movement.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Hamilton

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  1. It’s so awesome to see people in the mitten enjoying the tiny lifestyle. I know times are tough here, I hate to see their tiny adventure leave the state, but I know Oregon has a great tiny home movement!

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