Race Across the Mitten

One of the best parts about living in Michigan is the beautiful scenery that we get to see each day. However, sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we only get a chance to see these breathtaking sights from our car windows. Team Awesome wants you to get outside and enjoy our state hands on, and what better way to do that than to run through it!

I thought it would be fun for all of Michigan’s running enthusiasts to get together and share what their favorite races are in the state, and hopefully even get groups together regionally! We all know that running is more fun together, ands this way we can all motivate each other to keep training. There are many races that I would LOVE to run, but unfortunately, due to time and financial constraints, I cannot tackle them all. A few that I am able to participate in include:

The Color Run in Ypsilanti – May 11th

Photo Courtesy of Stacie Carlson
Photo Courtesy of Stacie Carlson

This run is perfect for beginners; it is oriented towards FUN and isn’t timed. It is a 5K run and each kilometer is full of people holding different spray bottles of color, just waiting to douse passerbys with the powder inside. By the end, all the runners are a big blob of rainbow, happily dancing around near the finish line. Afterwards, there is live music and a lot more powdered color circulating to celebrate. It is more of a party than a race, but so very jolly just the same.

The Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Race – May 25th

Photo Courtesy of State of Michigan Department of Transportation
Photo Courtesy of State of Michigan Department of Transportation


I am particularly excited about this race. The Mackinac Bridge is one of the greatest landmarks in Michigan. There are only three days each year that foot traffic is allowed; the annual Labor Day Walk, the Fall Colors Bridge Run, and this Memorial Day Weekend race. After walking across this bridge on dozens of Labor Days, I am ready to move across it at a quicker pace. It is almost five miles long, but has a slight incline and is paved the whole way, making it a fairly easy race.

The 5K Foam Fest in Detroit – June 8th

This race is just as fun as the Color Run; but instead of getting covered in colored powder, runners are smothered in foam! There are quite a few obstacles to conquer as well, and their website offers videos of what these obstacles are so everyone can adequately prepare themselves. There are mud pits and ropes courses to be tackled while completing the race, all while being doused in foam. Similar to the Color Run, this race is more about having fun than actually achieving goal times.

Photo Courtesy of the 5K Foam Fest
Photo Courtesy of the 5K Foam F

I purposefully signed up for shorter races so runners of all levels can join Team Awesome in this adventure. Currently, I am not signed up for any other races. However, I am extremely open to longer distances! Are there any full or half marathons that Michiganders absolutely need to run? The Bayshore is absolutely stunning. If it weren’t the same weekend as the Mackinac Bridge Race, I would certainly do that one again. Any suggestions about races that Team Awesome absolutely MUST participate in this summer and fall?

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Michigan has amazing people, delicious beer, and unlimited outdoor activities to participate in. One thing I have noticed about our mitten state is that no matter which city I am in, those factors do not change. I am a therapist by day and an explorer of all things Michigan the rest of the time.