photo 2 Ozmott: It Pays to Share

Ozmott: It Pays to Share

Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Israel
Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Israel

No matter how many times you hear the phrase “there’s an app for that,” innovators are still finding new and creative niches for apps. OZMOTT, designed by Joseph Walker and released this past spring in the Traverse City area, has found it’s way into the Grand Rapids market and continues to grow its base as an app known for supporting local shopping and a killer rewards program.

Walker, a Traverse City community member, designed this app as a way to tangibly cash in rewards points. “I thought it would be cool if I could see and redeem discounts at the cafe I would regularly check into,” says Walker. “I also found myself thinking, ‘Gee, I wish I could trade in all of these video game points for a real world item!’ This inspiration led us to creating an app that would reward users for their participation and loyalty.” OZMOTT currently partners with over 125 retailers and service-based businesses in the Grand Rapids area, including many local businesses. When I signed up and checked my ten mile radius, there were options from golf courses, restaurants, pet supply stores, gyms, and more!

Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Israel
Photo Courtesy of Lyndsay Israel

As you redeem and share offers with your friends on Facebook or OZMOTT, you gain “pips,” a virtual currency you can use to cash in for “Luxe Offers.” The Luxe Offers include higher ticket items you may not buy without a worthwhile coupon, and some that are just bonus free items when you redeem pips.

What sets OZMOTT apart from so many couponing sites that are on the market? While the existing sites are purchase driven, giving you access to deals only if you spend a certain amount of money, Ozmott is sharing based: the more you share deals and coupons with your friends, the more pips you make! The user interface is easy to navigate and goes above and beyond with an attached map to the stores whose offers you save. While some retailers have one available offer, some include your choice of over fifty coupon options, making it easy to find one reasonable enough to use. OZMOTT is a free app offered on all Android and Apple devices and can be used in store or online!



Happy Shopping and Happy New Year, all!
Lyndsay Israel-Feature Writer

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