Oakaloosa Music Festival 2013

#OKLSA13 Photo Walk Amplifies Historic Fort Wayne

Oakaloosa Music Festival 2013
Photo courtesy Oakaloosa Music Festival.

Think you can take pretty pictures? Want to help spread the good word (or image, rather) about Oakaloosa Music Festival? Join Awesome Mitten and the fine festival folks for #OKLSA13 Photo Walk of Historic Fort Wayne to help create awareness about the awesome venue of this year’s exciting new Detroit music festival.

The logistics are easy, the tour takes place on May 18th from noon to 2, and photographers just need to sign up ahead of time on the site. Once signed up, photogs just need to get ready to take great photos and talk about how awesome Detroit is with its rich history and distinctly diverse culture. It is a free and fabulous way to promote the city with others that are just as invested in making Oakaloosa succeed in a big way.

Where: Historic Fort Wayne (6325 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209)

When: Saturday, May 18th at noon until 2:00PM

After the walk, photogs and friends alike are invited to join the Oakaloosa team for food and drinks at El Nacimiento. During the celebratory revery, there just may be some prizes awarded for the  best photo posts during the excursion (woohoo #OKLSA13)!

Want to know more about Historic Fort Wayne? Find out more here, or just join the photo walk!

The members of Detroit Sports Zone Inc. are proud to bring the first fully philanthropic music festival that Detroit has ever seen. Oakaloosa is a one-day festival to be held on July 27th that plans to not only help raise funds for the historic venue, Fort Wayne, but also bring music from all genres into one space. The result? It’s going to be something of a dream. Detroit is infinitely diverse, and it should only be natural to have a music festival that embodies that diversity.

The juicy details? Headliners include Girl Talk and Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need to know much more. However, there is more, so much more. This is the kind of Detroit event that really celebrates Detroit, and it is really important to the organizers to highlight groups that are from the city and are going to rock the stage. There is a comprehensive list of musicians and links to their music on the Oakaloosa page to help everyone get more acquainted.

Are you going to help create excitement for #OKLSA13 and join the Photo Walk? Not a photog? No problem! Get ready to rock out at the festival in July!

Be sure to follow the details on Oakaloosa’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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