Notable Humans of Detroit

Notable Humans of Detroit Join Moosejaw

As most of you may or may not know, Moosejaw Mountaineering is a Michigan company born and bred in the suburbs of Detroit (Madison Heights, to be precise) dedicated to making the most of the outdoors. With seven locations in Michigan and counting (as well as several nationally), the sassy marketing of the Moosejaw team is looking to their roots with their most recent catalog. In the past, they’ve done campaigns that are quirky, focusing on jail, bugs, sandwiches, and an entire catalog dedicated to their CFO. Lola at Moosejaw explains how the Detroit idea came to be, “To start, we called our latest outerwear the Moosejaw Detroit Collection, with each piece named after a street in Detroit.  Then we banned all foods that don’t start with the letter “D” from all our shops.  Finally the Moosejaw Detroit Collection is here and to model the jackets, we’re using amazing humans doing cool and passionate things in Detroit.”

Notable Humans of Detroit Join Moosejaw - Awesome Mitten
Courtesy of Moosejaw.

The amazing humans they chose to model their gear have been dubbed, “Notable Humans of Detroit.” There are so many notable humans in Detroit (and all of the Mitten State), we can’t imagine that being an easy job. Regardless, they made their choices and are donating a part of the proceeds from the Moosejaw Detroit Collection to each Notable Human’s favorite Detroit-based charity.

Notable Humans of Detroit Join Moosejaw - Awesome Mitten
Courtesy of Moosejaw.

The “Humans” include:

We caught up with Kavanaugh of Wheelhouse Detroit to find out what she thought about being a model for Moosejaw Madness. She explains, “I appreciate my business being featured by a Michigan-based company that is known for quality and is aligned with my lifestyle. For 20 years, Detroit has been my home and a source of frustration (sometimes) and inspiration (always). It is as much a part of what I do and who I am as my name.”

Since we think you’re all “Notable Humans,” we’d like to give you the opportunity to win a Mack Ave 1/4 Zip Fleece. We’ve got several ways for you to enter – please see below- and then give us a shout on social media and tell us how a #RealMichigander does winter!

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  1. A #RealMichigander does winter by EMBRACING IT! This Michigander embraces the winter by getting outdoors and exploring our beautiful area by Snowshoes and cross country skiing ..dressing appropriately and smartly by layering to be happy and comfortable. Making memories with my family! 🙂

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