9 Must-Have Items To Bring To Michigan’s Adventure

9 Must-Have Items To Bring To Michigan’s Adventure

Ice cream is life.If you live in West Michigan, you’ve seen the commercials and heard the jingles on the radio all summer long. It’s the season for Michigan’s Adventure. This amusement park, located in Muskegon County about halfway between Muskegon and Whitehall, is the largest in the state. First opened in the 1950’s, the park has been owned and operated by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (the same company that owns Cedar Point and 12 other parks across North America), since 2001. It features over 50 rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy. There is also the outdoor water park WildWater Adventure, to which admission is included in the price of the ticket (twice the fun, as cited in this classic 1990 commercial!).

Now, this isn’t a general article about the park, since I’m sure most Michigan residents have at least heard of Michigan’s Adventure. I plan to give you a packing list for a day at this two-for-one amusement park, since it is a bit more complex to plan for.

Outfit 1:bathing suitFirst off, you’ll need a bathing suit. It’s more efficient to wear your suit first and change into dry clothes later. I picked this polka dot one. Men, feel free to rock some dots too, but if they aren’t your style, feel free to modify my list to suit your needs. Over the suit you’ll need a set of clothes, shorts and a tee or tank will be best. These clothes are required in the regular portion of the park, but you can strip down once you enter the water park. If you don’t plan to get wet (it’s hard not to), then you can stick with regular summer attire.

AccessoriesAccessories you’ll need: A beach bag (not pictured), lots of sunscreen to reapply throughout the day, sunglasses, a few hair ties for you or any children you bring with you, a brush for the same reason, a towel(maybe more than one), a book for the car ride or downtime, and a plastic baggy. The baggy will be the cheapest way to keep your phone, wallet, and keys from getting soaked on your way. You could also invest in a waterproof phone case like I did. There are lockers available for a fee if you want to keep your belongings safe, and dry.

Now you can ride, slide, and enjoy the day! Be sure to keep sunscreen on at all times and reapply multiple layers during the day. Since this is partially a water park, all that sun protection will easily wash away after a dip in the wave pool. For fair people like me, we can’t risk turning into a lobster.

Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to bring in any type of food or drink, unless it is labelled as a special need by the office. So you can’t pack any water bottles, but the park is required to supply you with free water at all food locations. Food, of course, is available for purchase. The complete list of items available for rent and purchase is available in the Trip Tips, on their website.

Outfit 2: comfy undergarmentsNow, as the kids are collapsing from exhaustion at the end of the day, you don’t want to be riding home or the hotel with soaking wet bathing suits on, right? So here’s where my last packing tip comes in handy. Be sure to pack an extra set of clothes, a shirt (you can find this stylish Awesome Mitten one in our shop), pair of shorts, and some comfy undergarments to change into. This way you’ll be dry and warm if you plan to ride more roller coasters or simply head home.

I hope that this list is helpful for your next trip to Michigan’s Adventure! Any tips or tricks you can suggest for a great day at the park? What’s your favorite feature of Michigan Adventure?