Team Awesome’s New Year’s Resolutions!

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    Rather than bombarding you with a top-ten list or feature, Team Awesome would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of our readers for a fabulous year. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, but most of all, we’ve enjoyed sharing the best of Michigan with each of you. So thanks, readers, for your loyalty, your opinions, and for helping us bring our favorite state to you. Here’s to an even better 2013! Check out the post below and feel free to comment with some of your resolutions.

    1. My New Year’s Resolution is to finish writing my first novel.

    1. Focus extra hard on remaining present in my daily life and enjoying every moment.
    2. Remember that while I cannot control how another person behaves, I can control my reactions to that person’s behavior.

    1. Go snowshoeing in the Keweenaw this winter.
    2. Start working out and get in shape (indoor and outdoors!).
    3. Make more frequent trips/vacations up north.

    My one and only New Year’s resolution is very simple: BE MORE AWESOME. I have had the same resolution every year for at least ten years. I’m very good at fulfilling my resolution, which makes it more and more challenging every year. This year it’s going to be particularly hard, because frankly, I have already reached a heretofore unattainable amount of human awesomeness. But I have faith that in the coming year I will be able to become more awesome than ever before.

    1. Read at least one book every week.
    2. Run a second marathon.
    3. Visit and explore the Upper Peninsula
    4. Write more letters

    1. Start my first novel, or write more on a personal basis and not primarily professionally.
    2. Spend 10-15 seconds actually trying to remember that random fact before I whip out my phone and google it. Because let’s be honest, 90% of the time I read it and go, “oh yeah, I knew that.” Doh.
    3. Live by this as much as possible: “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”
    4. Get back to volunteering once a month.

    1. Read more.
    2. Get around to paying those parking tickets.

    1. Learn to like mushrooms
    2. Improve my patience level
    3. Always remember that the best things happen when I step outside of my comfort zone

    1. Learn to play the guitar. Properly.
    2. Read more.

    drink more, eat less, save more, spend less, laugh more, cry less, pray more, stress less… and read fifty books minimum.

    1. Spend some quality time in the Upper Peninsula.
    2. Try to get through the day without saying the word “awesome” more than once.
    3. Drink more Michigan liquor, as I’ve already conquered beer and wine 😉

    1. Get outside in the Upper Peninsula! Snowshoeing and hiking are on the list.
    2. See more of the United States, as well, so I know from first-hand experience that Michigan is the best of the 50.
    3. Start saving to buy a house, while staying grounded and remembering that I still have plenty of time left.

    1. Read. Make the stack of “want to read” shorter than the “have read” stack.
    2. Explore. Create adventures and explore my new home, go to the UP, visit new places, get lost some more.
    3. Learn. Start grad school and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

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