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Must Have Fall Drinks in Lansing

On cold and rainy fall mornings there’s nothing I crave more than cuddling up with a  pair of wool socks, piles of blankets, and of course: COFFEE! Thankfully, Lansing has a myriad of quaint, independent specialty coffee shops on practically every corner. I’ve rounded up my list of favorite fall caffeinated beverages from my favorite local shops.

Photo Courtesy of Espresso Royale
Photo Courtesy of Espresso Royale


Vintage Café in REO Town (1147 S. Washington Ave)

Situated on Washington Avenue in the heart of REO Town, the Vintage Café boasts a traditional “old world” café that specializes in coffee and fresh baked goods, as well as healthy breakfast and lunch offerings. The quiet café serves a one-of-a-kind roast that is brewed specially for the café and cannot be found elsewhere. Be sure to also check out their infused cupcakes and homemade monkey bread!

Espresso Royale (527 E. Grand River Avenue)

It might be the large comfy arm chairs, massive stone fireplace, impressive latte art, or  general nostalgia I feel about spending my college all nighters on Grand River, but Espresso Royale is my favorite, hands down. While they boast a large menu of speciality coffee drinks and an array of light to dark roasts,  the hot cinnamon spice tea is my go to drink for all four seasons. The tea smells exactly like it tastes and instantly transports me to memories of holidays, family, and exams. It never fails to put a smile on my face and prepares me to head back out into the rainy foliage.

Biggby Coffee (270 W. Grand River Avenue)

With over 10 locations in the Lansing area, you’re sure to find a Biggby (or Beaners for us original diehards!) close to you in the Capital City. This fall, Biggby jumped even further onto the pumpkin bandwagon and introduced: the CHUMPKIN! This chai, pumpkin latte is an absolute dream and instantly makes consumers feel warm and fuzzy, opt to make yours with soy milk for an extra added vanilla flavor.

Grand River Coffee  (515 W. Grand River Avenue)

Located in the heart of East Lansing, Grand River Coffee  is one of my favorite places to grab a fresh brew and settle in with a good book (that is if you can find an open seat—it’s often packed to the gill with students!). I was recently introduced to the café miel and Grand River coffee makes the best one in town. A café miel is comprised of steamed milk, espresso, cinnamon, and honey. It’s comparable to dessert in liquid form and is sure to have you craving more.

Strange Matter Coffee Company (2001 E. Michigan Avenue)

New to the Capital City coffee scene, Strange Matter opened in 2014 with a novel idea: bringing the concept of high quality coffee to Lansing! Strange Matter offers a higher quality of preparation methods than average run of the mill cafes and features coffee from some of the top roasters in the county. Strange Matter has been whipping up the Dirty Harvest Chai with house made pumpkin chai and espresso. It’s similar to Biggby’s Chumpkin with an added kick to get you going on rough mornings!

Photo Courtesy of Strange Matter Coffee Co.
Photo Courtesy of Strange Matter Coffee Co.


What are you drinking to stay warm this season? I’d love to hear about your fall favorites!

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