Michigan's Birthday Bake Off Professional - Pink Slip Cakery

Michigan’s Birthday Bake Off Professional Entries 2014

These were the entries for the 2014 Michigan Birthday Bake Off. 


Michigan's Birthday Bake Off - Second Floor Bakery

Second Floor Bakery

“Second Floor Bakery is a local Holland Michigan bakery. We felt that every part of a great state is special and unique. Even though we could not include part of Michigan (it is cake after all) we tried to pick out some of the most famous things Michigan is known for. Being “the mitten state” we saw it only fitting to use mittens as the base for our Michigan icons. Happy birthday Michigan!

Tools used:

Yellow cake, buttercream, food coloring, fondant, wood dowels, spatulas, knifes, ovens, coolers, gloves, computer, printer, paper, pens and my own two hands.”


Michigan's Birthday Bake Off 2014 - SherricakesSherricake

“When I started this cake I was thinking of what Michigan means to me. Being from northern Michigan the outdoors is what initially comes to mind but I also wanted to incorporate the other stuff we are famous for. The Mackinac bridge, the auto industry, the music, the big school rivalry… Of course I had to add the cherries and model mushrooms to represent our area. This cake signifies a lot of the reasons I love it here, happy 177th Michigan!


List of items used: Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, marshmallow fondant, gumpaste, sleep rods for stacking, food coloring, decorating tools, and brushes.”


Michigan's Birthday Bake Off 2014 - MacKenzie's Bakery

MacKenzie’s Bakery

“We have made a two tiered chocolate cake decorated with 23 hand painted fondant mittens.  We baked a chocolate stout cake made with Arcadia Brewing Co.s’ “Cocoa Loco” stout.  We filled the cake with layers of light chocolate ganache and Michigan tart cherry filling.  The cake is iced entirely with a dark chocolate ganache. The mittens are painted with food coloring and depict scenes and items that are special to Michigan including the state capitol, our beautiful beaches, our auto industry beginnings and more.

List of items used:  cake layers, light ganache, cherry filling(our own), cake drum, cake cardboard, wooden skewers, rolled fondant and cutters, food coloring, image projector(for some of the images), paintbrushes, and of course, sprinkles!

Our cake was designed and made by Dana Harrison and her cake department crew.”


Michigan's Birthday Bake Off Professional - Pink Slip Cakery

Pink Slip Cakery

“I chose to create a multi-layer cake to depict the multiple dimensions and layers of the great state of Michigan. Its design is North, South, East and West. The bottom, apple cinnamon  layer represents the mid to southern portion of the state and features windmill/tulips, the Calder, Capital Building, apple trees, auto, and Renaissance Center. The middle, cherry cake layer depicts dunes, Big Mac, sailboat, wine, cherry trees, and golf. The northern layer is of course chocolate fudge and sports Pictured Rocks, freighter, and mining tools.To complete my design, it is topped with a lighthouse, to acknowledge the more than 115 lighthouses in Michigan.

List of items used: cinnamon apple cake with vanilla buttercream, cherry cake with cherry buttercream, chocolate fudge cake, cake boards under each tier and bamboo dowels supporting each tier, toothpicks were used to insert the lighthouse into the top of the cake, each tier is covered with fondant, all decorations are cut fondant attached with royal icing, the painting on the cake is done with food coloring, and the capital building is printed with edible ink on rice paper, the shapes were either cut with a cookie cutter or were hand cut.”


Michigan's Birthday Bake Off 2014 - Hudsonville CreameryHudsonville Ice Cream

“Michigan has a rich heritage of offering its residents and visitors the very best of each changing season. As we celebrate Michigan’s 177th Birthday, we offer dessert lovers a snapshot into one of those seasons. A snow covered state in the winter that shares its very best with all who visit. We call it “Baked Michigan”. Although the temperatures can be cold, the warmth of family and friends truly makes Michigan a cozy destination like no other.

Ingredients: We made our Baked Michigan with a diversity of flavors. We started with yellow and chocolate cake swirled together, for the perfect marble. We then filled each decadent layer with Hudsonville Ice Cream’s own Black Cherry Ice Cream. After a quick rest in the freezer we topped the ice cream cake with vanilla Italian meringue. The fire of our hearts (and a blow torch) helped to define all the great locations we love in our wonderful state.”

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  1. What super “cakes” for Michigan’s 177th birthday. I’m not on Facebook but I would vote for MacKenzie’s entry.

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