Michigan Outdoor Gifts Guide

Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Looking for the best Michigan gift ideas for every Michigander (or Michigander at heart) on your holiday shopping list? We’ve curated the Ultimate Michigan Gifts Guide and are fine-tuning it weekly!

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Michigan is the most adventurous state with an endless array of seasonal activities! No matter which of the four seasons you prefer, there is always a reason to stay active. This guide is to help you plan your next adventure and to showcase some of the best products you’ll need when exploring The Great Lakes State.

Apparel Gift Ideas for the Michigan Outdoorsman

Michigan Fresh Coast Distressed Hat

A cool hat supporting a great state! The unique style of this hat sets it apart from the typical baseball cap and the Fresh Coast logo lets everyone know your passion is only for pure Michigan! A great accessory to give to anyone this holiday season!

the fresh coast distressed hat Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

#NOMI Sticker

Nothing says “I love the Michigan outdoors” like a day spent in #NoMI! Celebrate the lifestyle of northern Michigan with this fun #NoMi sticker – the perfect addition to any water bottle or travel mug!  The vibrant colors and trendy hashtag makes it especially unique. A great gift for anyone who lives for vacationing, especially in Michigan!

nomi sticker Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

M22 T-Shirt

Keep Michigan in your heart and on your back with this fun t-shirt by M22! This is the perfect gift for anyone of all ages that has a passion for Michigan!

m22 shirt Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Michigan Outdoors Long-Sleeved Shirt

Live Love Michigan’s “Michigan Outdoors” shirt is the perfect Michigan outdoor gift! This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves Michigan, especially as a layering piece when those snowflakes begin to make this state a winter wonderland!

livelovemichigan outdoors shirt Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Stormy Kromer Original Cap

A classic for over a century! This comfy cap by Stormy Kromer is perfect for anyone who loves the vintage style of an era that seems worlds away! Give the gift of warmth, comfort, and classic style to anyone who needs to accessorize for the great outdoors.

Original Stormy Kromer Cap

Michigan Outdoor Gift Ideas: Accessories

Green Glove Dryer

Every home in Michigan needs one of these! This awesome product sits on top of your air vent allowing gloves to neatly be organized while quickly drying! A great gift for anyone spending time outdoors in Michigan since this product is so useful. Don’t forget to buy one for yourself as well!

The Green Glove Dryer

Cellphone Drybag

This is a must for almost any Michigan exploration! This gift will work wonders for anyone because it will protect their gear from the elements allowing them to be carefree when adventuring! Let the joys of going to the pool, beach, boating, skiing, hunting, fishing, kayaking, golfing, and any other activity be stress-free with this waterproof dry bag!

cellphone dry bag Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Waterproof Drawstring Backpack

Keep your valuables protected from the elements with this great waterproof backpack from GeckoBrands! A great stocking stuffer or gift for anyone since it can be used in such a large variety of ways. Now enjoy the pool, beach, team sports, boating, skiing, hunting, fishing, kayaking, golf, and every other outdoor activity in Michigan stress-free with this product!

waterproof bag Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer


This innovative product by Victorinox Swiss Army is fully loaded and lightweight to ensure it takes up as little room as possible in your pack! This product is made with the most high quality and durable tools.  A smart gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the Michigan wilderness!

michigan made knife Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Books & Maps for the Michigan Outdoor Adventurer

The LakeShore Trail Map

Fit the perfect adventure in the side pouch of your pack! Chosen from the Classic Trails of Michigan series from MichiganTrailMaps.com this trail takes you along one of the most picturesque destinations in Michigan, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore! Explore the whole collection to choose the perfect map for the adventurer in your life or surprise someone with the adventure of a lifetime with this map!

LakeShore Trail Map

Paddling Michigan

This the ultimate book for canoeists and kayakers looking for endless adventures in Michigan! it covers over 70 of Michigan’s best lakes, streams, and coastal waterways with each journey build for specific interests such as beautiful scenery, awesome fishing, relaxation, historical wonders, and marine wildlife. This gift will be thrilling for both beginner and expert paddlers looking to take their next journey!

paddling michigan book Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

There are so many beautiful places to hike in Michigan and many forget that includes the U.P. This book, by Thomas Funke, is an awesome gift to inspire anyone to seek adventures in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! The variety of trails allows every skillset to enjoy hiking through Michigan’s profoundly beautiful backcountry!

hike michigan book Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Snacks Gift Ideas for the Michigan Outdoor Lover

Venison Snack sticks

Protein on the go! These snack sticks by Michigan Brand are a great gift for those who enjoy venison, especially Michigan’s whitetail venison!

michigan brand venison Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

ERG! Energy Bars

Stay energized with these delicious and nutritious nut and fruit bars in a variety of flavors! This is a great gift for on the go. Either way, this healthy snack is absolutely delicious wherever you choose to snack! Give this to anyone to boost their day, and don’t forget to buy some for yourself!

ERG! Energy Bar

Michigan Outdoors Stickers & Decals Gift Ideas

Michigan Camping Decal

Michigan is for campers! This beautiful state encompasses thousands of amazing places to camp, each individually unique!  For all the campers in your life, give them this fun gift to show off their pride for camping and Michigan!

michigan camping decal Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Pure Michigan Decal

Let everyone know that you “live life pure Michigan” with this fun decal! It’s a perfect Michigan outdoors gift ideas for any adventurer or grab several and stuff them into multiple stocking stuffers! This adorable Michigan outdoors sticker decal is such a fun way to tell everyone how many types of awesome adventures can be found in Michigan!

pure michigan decal Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Rather Be Up North Mug

Up North is awesome! Let everyone know how you feel with this fun Michigan outdoors camping mug. Bundle this with your favorite Michigan coffee or use it as a stocking stuffer to everyone you know that adores northern Michigan!

rather be up north mug Michigan Gift Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

What’s one thing you always take with you on your favorite explorations in Michigan? Let us know in the comments! 

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